Tuesday, August 4, 2015

July 13, 2015

iHola desde Milton Freewater!

    This week has been very weird... we have one investigator named Amador. We shared the restoration with him and after the first vision, it was dead silent for literally half an hour and the Spirit was super strong. He had Moroni 10 opened up and was reading it all be himself. He finally broke the silence and started talking about how much he loves his dad and started crying. 

     Remember our on-date, Zoila who is "supposively" in California? Well One day we were driving down the street past Zoila's house. SHE WAS SITTING OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we slammed on the breaks to go talk to her. She came home the day before and was missing her family a lot. We had a super powerful lesson and she was crying... so we put her on date to be baptized again haha.

    One day we were having lunch at the church and I heard the door open, I turned around and guess who it was?! MY OLD BISHOP IN WALLA WALLA AND HIS WIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I threw my sandwich to go give his wife a giant hug! :) That made me so happy! And I also saw my old elder quorum president too! I love seeing people from Walla Walla!

    On Sunday, I gave a 20min talk in church all in Spanish... probably half of the conjugations were wrong... 20 minutes is a long time to talk about forgiveness. Oh ya! I may or may not of let my companion cut my hair... Surprise!

 Love you all!

Con Amor,
Hermana Rebekah Williams

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