Tuesday, July 29, 2014

P-Day #2!!!!!!!!!!!

Hola para México!!!!!!!!!!
    I got your cupcakes the day after I emailed you! There was no way the 4 of us were going to finish them before they got bad. There are 12 people in my district and there were 12 cupcakes so I decided to share. The rest of my district are boys and you should of seen how fast everyone got up when I said the word "cupcake"!! There is this one elder that reminds me of the boys. He is a big football player from Murrieta and he is always complaining how hungry he is. He snacks on protein bars all the time, and he literally shoved the entire cupcake in his mouth in one bite! All the elders say thank you fyi!
   I forgot to tell you something last week. On the first Friday, I got an allergic reaction to something. Hma Bittle said she started to notice it Friday night but on Saturday I woke up and it looked like I had a million tiny little zits ALL OVER MY FACE!!!!!! It felt like sand paper when I touched it. Im fine now. I washed my face 3 times a day and I was completely clear by Tuesday or Wednesday. No idea how it happened.
   On Thursday, our water got shut off. It just got turned back on last night. We had to go to another casa to shower and go to the bathroom by our classroom to use the bathroom and brush our teeth... it wasnt fun. And the CCM campus is 90 achores big. But an elder did say something that is totally a David quote: "knowledge is know a tomatoe is a fruit. Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a salad!" (shout out to you David!)
 On Friday, Hma Bittle and I were waiting to talk to Gabriel and 2 elders from my district convinced us not to use the notes that we prepared. They said that the Spirit will be waqy stronger and will propt us what to say. So we didnt use them... ya it didnt go very well. Since Im the one teaching Hma Bittle spanish and she didnt have her notes, I was basically the one talking. in the moment, it felt horrible. I thought I felt something but apparently it was just nerves. Looking back, it wasnt that bad and you will never believe what hapeened!! I WAS THE POSITIVE ONE! She was mopeing all day saying how horrible it was and I was the positive one! we came to class on Saturday only to find out that Gabriel is how teacher... luckily. We asked him if he understood anything we said and his response was "... uh..." which means "no" But he did say that he understood what we were trying to teach in the other lessons though!
    So I found out why they say to write a talk everyweek! They call on you randomly in sacrament meeting... to give a talk... all in spanish... without any warning... at all! Besides that... Sundays are the best!!! In a way I feel like Dad. Starting at 8:30 I have lessons and meetings ALL DAY!!! from 8:30-6:30 (minus meal breaks) I have back to back meetings and lessons. Very exhausting but totally worth it!! This week we watched several short films for our Sunday movie. The first one was about the story of the first Sister Missionary (very cool), the second one was called  "Only a Stone-carver". It was about a man who walked 20 miles everyday to work on the SLC temple for 20 years! Then He was milking his cow and got kicked by it and had to get his leg amputated; and still continued the 20 mile walk everyday!!!!!! Talk about faith and dedication!! The third one was my favorite! "Faith in Christ"" pretty sure I have seen it before but it is still by favorite! Some elders a few rows back were being really loud and disruptive during the first two, but when the second one started, the Spirit was so strong and they calmed down and didnt say a peep during the third one!! It was so awesome!!!!
     Yesterday was probably the best day yet! We started teaching our new investigator, Juan José. I didnt bring a pre-written script like I did before. I brought a couple notes that had certain words on it in case I forgot them. It was so awesome though! We were both able to understand what he was saying and answer his questions. Even if we didnt plan on those subjects being brought up! Then the best thing ever happened! HE COMMITED TO BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ON THE FIRST VISIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hma Bittle asked the baptism question then I was suppose to finish the last part. She asked and then he said yes!! I was so in shock it took me a couple seconds to realize it! So I just sat there for a couple seconds before I finished the invitation. But he said YES!! August 23rd! A couple days before I leave! I realized I look at the floor a lot. Like one time I realized I was just staring at his shoes while I was talking or at the construction next door... Should probably work on that. But he said yes!!!!!
 I have to break and give a shout out to Dad : Theres an elder playing the piano next door and he´s playing that one Charlie Brown song you like to play!
    I feel like Im living with your sisters. (One girl) farts a lot and then giggles about it. Like everyone was saying their prayers one night and then she farts and starts laughing. Or she will fart in the casa and say "I tooted!!" and start laughing. They also announce their periods and one time (someone) had to go to the bathroom and was telling me that she was so constipated and was telling me about her poo. So ya, I am basically living with your sisters.
    You can send me pictures. Dad sent me one of Fritz and I was able to see it. Last P-Day we all went back to the casa after emailing and everyone was balling for an hour. I cried but I wasnt loud about it. The food is getting better. Another reason why Tuesdays are my favorite!!  Every Tuesday we have pizza! I was expecting it to be all greasey and hand made but it was Costco!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was the best!
    I just sent you letter mail today so you should get it in like two weeks. Oh ya!! Theres another mission package thing with KrispyKreme doughnuts! missionarypackagemx.com or something like that. Oh and DearElder works here! Hma Allison got like 7 the other day.
        The computers here are lame and can only hold like 2 or 3 pictures so Im going to send you a lot of emails. Im not sure which ones I already sent so might as well send them all! Love you to infinity and beyond!
-Hermana Rebekah Williams

Mom's notes:  DearElder does work but it takes 2 weeks to get there.  It's easier than going through the post office though, so send her a letter!  She will love it!  The website she mentions above is SUPER expensive.  The ones I have used are mydearmissionary.com and mtcmexicocarepackage.com .  They are expensive too, but not as bad.

 the casa
 CCM grounds.  No idea what the B is for but there are water tanks and mountains everywhere with it.  Probably for the school that use to be here.
 metric system
 The best of the Mexican food I have had.  No idea what kind of meat it is but I can tolerate it.  I have no idea what I'm eating the majority of the time.
 P-Day Shenanigans
 Literally a day has not gone by without it pouring rain.
 Earthquake "safety zones" painted all over the campus.
 The map pic!

Hermanas Bittle and Williams

email to Daddy:
Bummed Im missing out on all the fun!! The CCM president was mission companions with Elder Holland though!! One thing that bugs me though is that people say we are here to be a more "persuasive" missionary. Im not here to try to persuade people. Im not trying to boost the Mormon numbers. Im here to bring people closer to Christ. Hopefully they will end in baptism but Im not here to try to be persuasive!
-Hermana Rebekah Williams
P.S share this with Mom! I forgot to tell her about this stuff!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 1 (first week at the CCM)

Hola de Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!
No Mom, I did not forget to email you... my p-day is on Tuesdays.

What a week!!!!!!!!!! My companion is super awesome. Her name is Hermana Bittle from San Fran and she is a shorty too! She is also lactose intolerant... I think thats  Gods way of telling me to take the stupid pill. Any way, I live in a "casa" which is a house with 5 rooms and two sets of missionaries per room. The other set is Hermana Moody from Jacksonville Florida (no, she is not actually moody) and Hermana Allison from Austin Texas. (you are getting any punctuation because I cant figure out how). And they are all super nice, we all get along so well. Its weird living with girls though. They dont mind just walking around in their underwear. 
The food... not a fan. I dont even know what Im eating most of the time. Although one day we had corn dogs. It was the grossest, soggiest corn dog I have ever had. Im just glad I know what it was though!! BUT!!!! they have a Nutella bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, my diet has been dried FrutLoops, fruit, and Nutella. They dont have soda here!!!! Only juice. I have breakfast at 7:45, lunch at 12:45, and dinner at 6:15.
Wednesday... where to begin....?! I was the only missionary on the flight to Houston... so Ipretty much just slept. I had 10 minutes to get to my next flight at the aitport. I didnt have time to check in so they probably figured out that I was sweaty and out of breath that I was telling the truth when I said "I just got here". I founf another Hermana and an Elder but I didnt sit anywherre near them... so I slept again until it was time to fill out the paper work. I just followed everyone else to customs and such. I had noo idea where I was going. When we finally got to the CCM, my batch of 200 missionaries made 1000 in total here. They said this is the most amount of people they have ever had here. They made everyone see a doctor and they want the missionaries to get a tetnus shot every 5 years so I had to get another one. They did for free though, AND... they gave me a sucker :) so it all worked out ok.
Thursday-first full day. We have a 6:30 wake up call and an hour till we have to be in out classroom for study. So everyone gets 15 minutes in the bathroom to shower and get ready... its really hard. We have 12 people in our district. The Hermanas in my room, and 8 Elders. Oddly, Hermanas Bittle, Moody, and Allison are all going to Denver on their mission, and me and all the other Elders are going to Kennewick. We have a really pact schedule. A lot of workshops and such. But they all all really good and spiritual. I would tell you more about the classes but Im timed.
Friday we had out first investigator... all in spanish. Sometimes its a teacher sometimes its some random person off they street... so you never know. Ours is named Gabriell. We got him to come to church with us. The first lesson we SSSOOO bad! We literally had a spanish-english dictionary out the majority of the time. We have taught him everyday and every time it gets better.
SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh it was SSSOOO amazing!!! We have Relief Society first and it was so awesome! It was about feeling inadequate and the Psalm of Nephi. Then we had sacriment meeting. I had no idea what they were saying... but it was awesome!! I miss our sacrament bread... Then this one elder did a musical number and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard!!!!!!!!!! I think hymns sound prettier in spanish. They tell us to write a talk every week. Im assuming its for practice. Every Sunday we get a watch a movie! Its a church movie but hey! its a movie! And in english! Everyone here speaks english. Even the teachers. This Sunday we watched John Tanner and its so awesome! You should look up the Mormon Message called Lifting Burdens or something like that. Its really good and you should watch it :). I have literally felt the Spirit here more in one day than I do in a week!
I have not had a bug problem at all. Without nets and without spray. So maybe Jake is just a wimp. We pray SSSOOO much. 15-20 times a day (I counted) and we sing Hymnos like 5 times a day.
-Hermana Williams

email #2 (response to questions from her Daddy)
The language is fine. My companion knows like none. So Im the one teaching her (that just says how little she knows). How was Sunday without me? I was fine until Sunday then I got home sick. I keep thinking Im coming home after this... nope. but i miss you guys a lot and Fritz. Its like Im in the American bubble in Mexico. Everyone speaks english. Even the teachers. The Presidents were part of the 70 a while ago. I have more pictures but the emails cane barely hold any pictures. I should probably go. Cya!!!!!!!!!!!!

(the pic is of Rebekah and her companion, Hermana Bittle)

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Im alive and well! Extremly long day and its raining but I have made some friends! I met a girl who is in my same mission. All the Hermanas are the sweetest people ever. Some of the guys are annoying and obnoxious but that is expected. Jake was exaggerating about the key board... its not that weird. All the words I type have the red sqiggley thing saying its spelled wrong because Im American. Mexico City is like the spanish version of Brooklyn. Its kinda freaky. I love you all so much and I know me being here is for the better for all of us! LOVE YOU!!
-Hermana Williams (<-- :D)

P.S I had to get another tetnus shot :(. Even though the US rule is to get a new one every 10 years, the mission likes you to have one every 5 so I got stabbed again with a needle :P BUT!!! She gave me a sucker :)

-Hermana Williams

Sunday, July 6, 2014


10 days..... and since her plane leaves at 6:15 in the morning, it's really 9 days.  EEEEEK! I am soooo excited for her and SOOOOOO proud of her, but I'm gonna miss her guts.  I plan on posting her letters as I get them, so feel free to stop on by for updates:)

Mexico City til August 26th and then Kennewick, WA.  She's comin for ya!