Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015

Hello from Yakima!

     I'm trying to figure out why on Earth you would name a place called Yakima? Washington in general has weird sounding names for cities... I think most of them are named after Native-American tribes.

     Anywhoosie... this week has been nuts! Monday night and Tuesday were crazy with saying goodbyes to everyone :'( Goodbyes stink! I have never really gone around saying goodbye to people before I left. Then again, I never really stayed in an area long enough to get attached to anyone... They are horrible! Sherry started crying and gave us flowers at church. If the new sisters don't take care of her... they will not be on my good list! (Trying to sound like a dignified representative here...) Goodbyes are such vacuums...
       Transfer days are always super hectic and crazy! Since no one is currently living in our apartment, we got to scrub down our apartment from top to bottom on top of both of us packing everything up... so that was... fun... NOT!!! Even ask my mom. I just LOVE cleaning oh so much... :/  I really didn't want to leave Walla Walla! But I am needed here in Yakima! It's weird here... there's like actually people who live here... so we like actually have investigators who actually WANT to learn about the restored gospel... it's weird and foreign to me. We have 3 people on date to be baptized! Ted for May 23rd, Patty for May 30th, and we put Ron on date for June 6th on Friday... its weird! We also have Sam for July 27th but that's like forever away! I will probably be in my 10th area by then.

      Friday was... interesting... So I live with my bishop and his family, but they were out of town. We have our own fridge in their garage... they have a big fancy security system... long story short, I set off the alarm while getting my breakfast... Sister K somehow didn't hear the alarm since she was in the shower. So our bishop got a notice on his phone that the alarm is going off and that the cops were coming... (awesome first impression btw) So ya... we got a call from them letting us know so Sister K made me answer the door... luckily, he was super nice and he said that happens all the time. Then we went to do service at a food bank. We were sorting apples and a group of people wearing suits were walking around and he went to talk to me and asked what group I was with and such. People took pictures then eventually, they left. I asked who they were and everyone was like "... that was the governor of Washington..." So I got to meet him without knowing! That was cool! My first Sunday here, I "got" to teach the Sunday school class... I ran out of stuff to say after 40min so I just rambled the last 20... I'm good at rambling. Anyways... peace out!

Con Amor, 
Hermana Rebekah Williams

May 4, 2015

Hello from... YAKIMA?!?!

    As you probably guessed... I'm getting transferred! I don't want to go to Yakima! It sounds like you're throwing up when you say it... I mainly just dont want to leave Walla Walla! I am super depressed I have to leave! I don't want to leave! Even though the work is hard and bit dry right now, I love the people here so much that I don't want to leave them! Out of my 5 almost 6 areas, Walla Walla is my favorite and it will probably forever be my favorite! Sister B and I are getting doubled out. So when I go to Yakima, she is going to Richland. The funny thing is, her new companion's name is Sister Williams! She is going to get so confused haha. The 3rd ward sisters are now going to cover both wards. So no one will be living in our apartment, so we get clean and pack everything up in our apartment! Yay... The mission is splitting after this next transfer to the Yakima and Kennewick missions. So the odds are, I will be in the Yakima Mission :/ And it gets EVEN better! I am going English speaking... again :/ So this will be my 7th transfer, of which, 5 will be in English... :/ I thought my call packet said "in the Spanish language" Ugh! I don't want to leave Walla Walla. :/

     So... my cough is still here... My poor new companion haha has to deal with this! Its super cool though! Because I don't cough when I read the scriptures or pray! Power of the scriptures and prayer! Nothing sounds appetizing still too. On the plus side, I'm not eating a lot and my abs have been sore the past couple weeks from coughing so much, so maybe I'm loosing weight! Gotta learn to look at the positives, right?
   Sherry finally came to church! And it was Fast and Testimony meeting! A lot of people were baring testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. It was PERFECT!!!! I looked over a couple of times, and she was crying! AND we put Jose and Sandra on-date to be baptized for May 30th! Of course, as soon as things start to come together, I leave. Because that always happens to me... Que en el mundo? I'm going to miss Sherry! When we told her one of us might get transferred, she started crying! She told us we made such an impact in her life and she gave us flowers on Sunday! She better be baptized before I have to go to the Yakima mission and I better be able to go to her baptism!

      Well I gotta salir... Love you all and hope you have an awesome week!
Con Amor,
Hermana Rebekah Williams

April 27, 2015

Hello from Walla Walla!

      What a week?! I'm still coughing all the time, so I went to the doctor :P he said my bronchial tubes were irritated so he gave me some heavy duty cough syrup with codeine in it (horrible stuff!) that I have to take every 4 hours and an antibiotic that I was suppose to take for 5 days... they didn't work. On Thursday, my cough got worse. I couldn't last more than 3 minutes without coughing and they sounded worse and deeper. So we had to come home at 2:30 because its not like I could be coughing like that at someone's doorstep... Friday wasn't much better. It was actually worse... I am a Williams and we always get all the side-effects for medication. Whoo... Which in this case is dizziness (which I got every time I stood up) and drowsiness. I have not been hungry the past 2 weeks and this week, no food whatsoever ever sounded appetizing. Starting on Friday, when I did eat, I felt like I was going to throw up and sometimes when I coughed, I felt a sharp pain in my lungs. We texted the doctor (he's in our ward) to ask him if it was normal. His response was "Burning in the chest is never normal"... super it said it might be a little pleusy (whatever that means!) So I asked my zone leaders for a blessing on Friday night. So that should help. It was super weird saying and hearing my whole name... This week has been the most I have heard my first name in a long time! My forehead was strangely cold, but my cheeks were hot, it was weird... We had dinner at the doctor's house on Sunday. Him "How's the cough?" me "still here" him "did the cough syrup help at all?" me "nope!" so he said he will prescribe me something else :P

        A couple days ago, we were walking down the street and we see an older man going outside from his house so I say hi, he didn't hear me, so Sister B asked him how he was doing then he says "iHola!" so my response was "OOO Spanish!!!" So I ran over to talk to him. He kept asking the same 4 questions and saying the same things over and over again (you could tell he was drunk). He also made like a spanking motion a couple times.... I didn't pick up on it the first 2 or 3 times. Finally, he said we were his little friends and he loves us then made the spanking motion again and just stared at me and said "Si?"  I started at him for a couple seconds, then it clicked "NO!!!!!" then we walked away. Poor Sister B goes "What happened?" "You don't want to know" "Tell me" "Sister, I promise you, you don't want to know!" "Just tell me!" so I told her... Hey! I warned her! Creepy, gross, drunk, old, Hispanic man!

         On a positive note, when I was on exchanges a couple weeks ago, we met a man named Julio, up until this week, we haven't been able to meet with him. On Saturday, it was about 8:30 at night and we still had 30 minutes before we could go home. We already ran through all our plans and back-ups and everything so we were pretty much walking around aimlessly hoping to be prompted as to what to do. So I say "We could try to set up an appointment with Julio?" So we go to his house and opens the door and immediately invites us in. His wife wasn't home so we talked to him outside. He was just rambling on then he wife pulls in so we went inside. As soon as we started talking about the restoration, he shut up and started listening! Him and wife are super cool! They were asking the perfect questions and giving the perfect responses! So now they are 2 new investigators! Yay!!! And some of her family members are Mormon! 

      You remember Jose from a while ago? Well we ended up dropping him a while ago but yesterday, we took the lady out with us who use to take him to church when he was little and she goes "How about we go visit Jose?" so we did. It was like a mini family reunion! He opened the door and went right up to her with a big ol' hug! They were talking, catching up, it was awesome! So we are going to start teaching him again! Hopefully, I can control my cough this week! Hope you all have a great week!

Con amor,
Hermana Rebekah Williams

April 20, 2015

Hello from Walla Walla!
     Craziness! I hit my 9 month mark this week! Half way done! So for my "hump day" (meaning my half way mark, I'm 'over the hump'), we saw a camel! Don't ask me what a camel is doing in Washington, because I have no idea! But, it was cool! Her name is Izzy the Camel... and she is massive. Most sisters put a ball or something in their shirt to make them look pregnant and take pictures, but I saw a real camel! Still confused about all the weird and random animals that are here but oh well! It makes life more interesting!

    We also did service at the food bank! Its always fun! I get to use my Spanish there :) because some people who get food there don't speak English. The head guy has to start asking people what nationality they are. Once he was done, he over heard me speaking Spanish to someone then he was like " speak Spanish...?" me "...ya... you didn't know that?" him "no!" me "my name tag is in Spanish!" him "Well I could of utilized you a couple minutes ago!" So that might be my new new job when I go over there now... Oh well! Its still helping people and I will get to use my Spanish :)

      So I'm still coughing up a lung 24-7... On Monday night, we were walking down a street a we walked a member's home who was having a FHE group. A man comes out and invites us in, so we did. When I'm around members, I try not to cough, but sometimes I can't hold it in. So they all heard me cough as if I were dying, including my ward mission leader... We had dinner with some of them and so they gave me soup or something like that because they all thought I was super sick. I don't feel the slightest bit sick though! We had to call our district leader every night, so every night he hears my cough. He told me to call our mission president's wife, who told me to go to a doctor. The 1st counselor in our bishopric is a doctor, so we just went over to his house last night. He said I have an upper respiratory infection... So I get to go to his office on Wednesday so he can prescribe me some antibiotics... yay... I have had bad lungs for like ever so this doesn't really surprise me a whole lot.

    Chad came to church again! This time, it was intentional! Last week, he came to pick up his grandpa and wasn't planning on staying, so he had jean shorts and a jean jacket, this week, he had a white shirt and tie! Sherry is sick so she couldn't come :( but! Chad came to church all by himself! Since Sherry was sick, she had to cancel our appointment on Saturday. But Chad called us from his grandparents house to invite us over to his grandparents' house for lunch! (his grandparents are active members of our ward). Chad likes us :) When I first got here, he always left the room. Yay Chad!

    This week, I read about Rebekah in the Bible! It was super cool because, well, I'm named after her! She is talked about in my patriarchal blessing so it was cool to read more about her. I won't be as mischievous as her though...  She's a sneaky little thing! There really is such great power that comes from reading the scriptures and the words of the prophet. Before my mission, I just read them because I was suppose to, I'm not going to lie. But reading with real intent and meaning and IN FAITH makes all the difference in the world!
   Well, I gotta split, but I hope you all have a fantabulous week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Rebekah Williams

April 13, 2015

Hello from Walla Walla!

        This week has had ups and downs! Then again, what week doesn't? For once, I actually remember what happened earlier this week!... ish... A couple weeks ago, we got a new investigator named Therese. She was super cool! She is 7th-Day, but very open and was willing to listen to us. She is a junior at high school and knows a bunch of Mormons and hangs out with some from our ward at school. We went to stop by on Tuesday. She opened the door super happy and cheerful! We asked if she had time to visit, and then... she dropped us... She said she has her own church :/. So we are going to get on the youth to get her interested again :) About 2 weeks ago, we got a new investigator named Sarah. She has cancer and was super solid! We read the Intro to the BoM with her and asked her when she comes to know that it is true, if she will be baptized, and she said yes! She wouldn't let us set a date though :/. We have been trying to get in with her since. She hasn't been home. On Friday night, we took our ward mission leader with us. We went through all our back-ups with no one home so we thought we would try to see Sarah. She was home! We asked if she had time to visit... and she dropped us... in front of our ward mission leader... awesome... About a month ago, we got a referral from the church. The Matson family was taught in Nevada, but recently moved here. We went to go meet them when we got the referral. They said they were super busy with moving and such and to come back a little later. So we came back 2 weeks later, his wife was sick. We gave them our number and they said they will call us when things settle down. 3 weeks later... no response... So we went by on Wednesday! His son was sick this time... we talked to him outside though. He was super cool! He kept saying that he really does want to learn more and said when he feels ready, he will be baptized! We made an appointment to come back this next Wednesday. On Saturday, we got a text from them. And you will never guess what happened next... we got dropped again... How did you guess? Ugh! They said they want to explore Life Church! I don't like Life Church... they take everyone!

      Like all week, I have been like coughing up a lung! I don't feel sick at all though... Its like the painful ones that are like deep in your throat. My district leader gave us permission to go to the store to get cough syrup and such :P its so gross! Sunday was the worse though... I strained my voice so it was all raspy during church... it was awesome. It was so bad and I was coughing so hard so much, I lost my voice... did you know its hard to be a missionary without a voice? Especially on Sunday?

      Are you ready for a miracle?! You know my one investigator Sherry? Well her boyfriend/man she has been living with for the past 25 years, Chad has a grandpa who is a member of our ward. Sherry can only come to church every other Sunday since she works every other weekend. She couldn't come this week because of work. Well we were sitting in the middle of sacrament meeting and I look over because out of the corner of my eye I saw a person walking down the aisle. It was Chad!!!!!!!!!! Turns out, he was just taking his grandpa to church and taking him home but still! Chad came to church for a little bit!!!! He usually runs away when we come over! MIRACLE!!!

      We had exchanges with the sister training leaders and interviews with President Ware, both are always so good and great learning experiences! Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Rebekah Williams