Monday, May 11, 2015

May 11, 2015

Hello from Yakima!

     I'm trying to figure out why on Earth you would name a place called Yakima? Washington in general has weird sounding names for cities... I think most of them are named after Native-American tribes.

     Anywhoosie... this week has been nuts! Monday night and Tuesday were crazy with saying goodbyes to everyone :'( Goodbyes stink! I have never really gone around saying goodbye to people before I left. Then again, I never really stayed in an area long enough to get attached to anyone... They are horrible! Sherry started crying and gave us flowers at church. If the new sisters don't take care of her... they will not be on my good list! (Trying to sound like a dignified representative here...) Goodbyes are such vacuums...
       Transfer days are always super hectic and crazy! Since no one is currently living in our apartment, we got to scrub down our apartment from top to bottom on top of both of us packing everything up... so that was... fun... NOT!!! Even ask my mom. I just LOVE cleaning oh so much... :/  I really didn't want to leave Walla Walla! But I am needed here in Yakima! It's weird here... there's like actually people who live here... so we like actually have investigators who actually WANT to learn about the restored gospel... it's weird and foreign to me. We have 3 people on date to be baptized! Ted for May 23rd, Patty for May 30th, and we put Ron on date for June 6th on Friday... its weird! We also have Sam for July 27th but that's like forever away! I will probably be in my 10th area by then.

      Friday was... interesting... So I live with my bishop and his family, but they were out of town. We have our own fridge in their garage... they have a big fancy security system... long story short, I set off the alarm while getting my breakfast... Sister K somehow didn't hear the alarm since she was in the shower. So our bishop got a notice on his phone that the alarm is going off and that the cops were coming... (awesome first impression btw) So ya... we got a call from them letting us know so Sister K made me answer the door... luckily, he was super nice and he said that happens all the time. Then we went to do service at a food bank. We were sorting apples and a group of people wearing suits were walking around and he went to talk to me and asked what group I was with and such. People took pictures then eventually, they left. I asked who they were and everyone was like "... that was the governor of Washington..." So I got to meet him without knowing! That was cool! My first Sunday here, I "got" to teach the Sunday school class... I ran out of stuff to say after 40min so I just rambled the last 20... I'm good at rambling. Anyways... peace out!

Con Amor, 
Hermana Rebekah Williams

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