Thursday, June 4, 2015

May 18, 2015

Hello from Yakima!
    iFeliz Cumpleanos a mi! Its pretty awesome to have a birthday on P-day. Even better bday present: my cough is finally gone! 6 weeks!  We went to Red Robin for lunch and the other sisters forgot to make them sing to me so that was a good thing! And today is "The Washington Kennewick Wax Your Car Day!" as the vehicle coordinator calls it. So we have to wax our car by hand... I dont even know how to wax a car! Oh well, this will be an adventure...

       This week has been nuts! So originally, Ted's baptismal date is May 23rd. He might be going out of town though. He is going out of town to visit his grandkids and doesn't know when he is leaving and wont be back til mid-June. We started talking about a June date and out of nowhere Sister K goes "How about this Saturday?"... he has social anxiety... the look of fear on his face... He didn't say 'no' so we took it as a 'give him some time and space to take it in' (this was on Wednesday). Then he found out that when you are confirmed, you go up in sacrament meeting and everyone can see you... the look of terror on his face= priceless! He still never said straight up no so we told him to think and pray about it then we would follow up the next day... he ran away from us until Saturday so we took that as a no. Sister K said that wasn't from her and she had no idea where it came from so it had to be from God. He's still planning on baptism this Saturday unless he's out of town. So he got the panic attack out of his system. 

      Immediately after that, we met with Ron, who's original baptismal date was June 6th. We had his lesson at his home teacher's house who is going to baptize him. The home teacher said his daughter graduates high school on the 5th so they are going to be super busy. So we moved Ron's baptism to this Saturday, the 23rd. So possible 2 baptisms on Saturday? BEST. BIRTHDAY. PRESENT. EVER!!!!!!!

    Patty is still awesome. She called us randomly to say she had a cup of coffee and felt horrible so we scrummaged through her kitchen and took all of her coffee and tea. She didn't go to church because her granddaughter was spending the night and threw a fit for not wanting to go. She called us literally 5 minutes after church and said that she felt like "a piece of crap" (her words) and was never going to not go to church ever again unless she is on her death bed... she is so AWESOME!!! Her baptism is next Saturday :)
   Hope you have a great week! Love you all!

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