Thursday, June 4, 2015

May 26, 2015

Hello from Yakima!

      This week has been REALLY LLLOOONNNGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My birthday was definitely one to remember... We were sitting in a lesson with a lady who is going to be baptized this Saturday, having a super good lesson, then out of nowhere, her cat bring me a present... a live mouse, drops it in the middle of the three of us, then runs away. Our investigator runs clear to other side of the room and wouldn't go anywhere near it. So we spent the next hour on a mouse hunt. The mouse somehow found it's way to be under the carpet behind the heater. That was... fun... Can't say I wouldn't do anything for our investigators! Happy birthday to me...

        On Thursday, we had Zone Conference! Those are always the best! Except we now have a new friend that stays in our car 24-7... his name is "Elder Tiwi". A Tiwi is a box-type thing that is stuck to the windshield of the car and it corrects you on your driving. It will go off if you are not wearing a seat belt, speeding, or driving aggressively...  It tells that mission office whenever it goes off and at the end of the transfer, you will be graded for your driving based on how many violations you get, and if it goes of for "aggressive driving", it immediately goes to the office and the vehicle coordinator calls you. And if you go too much over the speed limit, it calls the cops on you. BUT!!! The Tiwi has not gone off on me :) my zone leader says it goes off on him all the time haha.

       On a somewhat less scary note; we were in groups, doing a pretend teaching situation. In the middle of it, my mission president's wife comes and sits right next to me. Then during lunch, I was throwing away my trash and my mission president pats the empty seat next to him. So I go and sit next to him and this is our conversation: Him: "My wife tells me you did really good on that role play" me: "Thanks" him: "Are you comfortable teaching in English?" me: "Yes" him: "Do you find it easier to teach in English" me: "Yes" him: "Are you ready to go back to Spanish?" in my head "I was ready as soon as you took me out..." What I actually said: "Yes" him: "Are you willing to fully immerse in it?" me: "Yes" him: "Ok, I just wanted to congratulate you on your role play" Uh-huh... sure... So my mission president pretty much told me I'm leaving after this transfer. When lunch ended, he gets up and says, looking right at me: "I just got off the phone! We are getting a brand new sister next transfer who speaks fluent Spanish!" Don't do that to the poor child, President... Don't make her deal with me. That's not nice. So it will be interesting to see how this all works out! Apparently, unless I am in Walla Walla, I can't stay put. Goal to black-out the mission= back on! Well I love you tons! Have a fantabulous week!

Note from mom:  all of last week's schedule baptisms fell through.  One is scheduled for this coming Saturday.  Fingers crossed:)

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