Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 1, 2015

Hello from Yakima!

      Oh my gosh, this week has been NUTS!!! We had 2 baptisms on Saturday! Normally, the ward mission leader does a lot of the planning and such, but ours has his two sons' weddings within a month of each other and was needless to say, very preoccupied! So we pretty much planned both of them. It seemed like everyone and their mother was busy this weekend. So literally, the bare minimum people showed up. For Patty's, the guy who was suppose to baptize her was on call and couldn't make it because someone was like dying and the only people who showed up were us, the pianist, and a lady who was giving a talk. At the very last minute though, the 1st counselor showed up so he asked him to baptize her (he didn't have a change of clothes...) and then we saw two elders walk by and we were like "ELDERS!!!!!!!! WE NEED YOU!!!" So we had them witness. So literally... the bare minimum amount of people showed up... Sister K ended up giving the other talk. For Ron's baptism, same story, the bare minimum amount of people showed up. I gave a talk on baptism. He was the only baptism I have been to where the person being baptized pretended to be drowning! No one believed him though. Everyone knows what a goof he is! He is a 56 year old child. If you think I'm childish, you should meet Ron! Baptisms are awesome! :)

      Since next Sunday is fast Sunday, we are doing a mission-wide fast! Normally, we are not allowed to ask people at home to fast for a specific superpose, but, our mission president said to invite everyone (even people back at home) to fast for the thousands of people who are being prepared to receive the gospel. There really are thousands of people being prepared so that is why next Sunday, we all are going to fast for them!

        So that has pretty much been my week. Running around like a chicken with it's head cut off to pull off 2 baptisms! But, they worked out!... barely! This just proves that we are not in control whatsoever! Heavenly Father wants all of his children to return to Him and He WILL provide! All of His children are special and He loves them all very much. The more I read the scriptures, it just testifies to me more and more that God's church CANNOT be run by man! We sadly lost one of the 12 apostles this week. Keep L. Tom Perry's family in your prayers! I love you all and hope you all have a great week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Rebekah Williams

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