Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 22, 2015


    So... as you've probably already guessed... I got emergency transferred... again... for the third time... Third time's a charm... right? Emergency transfer #3 and area #7! Whoo... Operation Black-Out The Mission is back on! I'm ok with this one though, because I'm back in Spanish and I'm back in the Walla Walla stake!! We go to the church in Walla Walla on p-days so I get to go back to Walla Walla every week!!! iMe encanta Walla Walla! So I'm ok with this emergency transfer :)

   So our bishop in Yakima kicked us out of his house a couple weeks ago because his sons were getting too old, so we didn't live in our area any more. We found out (by experience) that it takes an hour walk to get to our area. We usually shared a car, but on Wednesday morning (also transfer day) we got a random call from our mission president saying that one of the sisters we shared the car with was having knee problems and if she continues walking, she will have to go home 1 transfer early to get knee surgery... so we gave her the car full time. President keeps re-confirming my statement from a while ago that random calls from him are not usually a good thing... So we didn't have a car, period! (Another reason why I am ok with being emergency transferred this time...) So on Sunday, instead of walking for an hour to get to church all hot and sweaty, the bishop's wife gave us a ride to church. In hope she would catch on to what I was hinting at, I mentioned the fact that we didn't have a dinner that day... and she caught on :) So she invited us over for steak! At the end of dinner, she asked us if we needed a ride somewhere, so we went over to look at our planners. Sister K saw that we had a text from our mission president that said: "I am witnessing a miracle in the making! Call me when you get a chance." So we ran frantically to our bishop's deck to call him. He explained that one of the hermanas down in Milton Freewater has to go home for medical reasons and asked if I was ready and willing to 'fully immerse' myself in Spanish... DUH!!!!!! So here I am :) He said he wanted to correlate with our bishop and we were like"...we are literally at his house!" so he was a part of it too. Then he said to correlate with our ward mission leader and relief society president... who are married to each other and literally one street over. I am glad I'm on this side of the emergency transfer and not in Sister K's position... She isn't getting a new companion! She has to take sisters out with her all day, everyday from the ward to be her companion. That would be so hard! When I found out I was going back to Spanish, I got so excited I starting jumping up and down and dancing around my bishop's deck, then I realized I was being emergency transferred, then I started laughing, then I realized I was being emergency transferred back to the Walla Walla stake right before the mission split so I will be in the Kennewick mission like I was talking about a while ago,... then I started laughing even harder! Funny how these things work out... iHasta luego!

Con Amor,
Hermana Rebekah Williams

Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

Hello from... YAKIMA!!!!!

   So as you can tell...I didn't get transferred... which means I am now in the Yakima mission and still speaking the white-man-language. So my mission president lied to me... I'm still in an English area! Now I will spend at least half of my mission in an English area and I now have twice as many English transfers as Spanish... iQue en el mundo!... I think God forgot that I'm an hermana... not really, God has a better memory than an elephant!

On Saturday, we got kicked out of out bishop's house because their sons are getting too old (mission rule) and moved in with the Spanish sisters (:D) until we can move in with our ward mission leader in a month... apparently, I'm not getting transferred, but I still have to move around a lot... figures... My plan for when I meet my new mission president is to make it super obvious that I am a Spanish missionary. I wont have a new mission president if I get emergency transferred back to Walla Walla before July... hmm...

     Whenever I get worried or overwhelmed about being English or whatever the case may be is, all I have to do is repeat to myself a quote from Joseph Smith called 'My Missionary Commission' 

   "I am called of God. My authority is above that of the kings of the Earth. By revelation, I have been selected as a personal representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is my master, and He has chosen me to represent Him. To stand in His place to say and do what He himself would say and do if He personally were administering to the very people to whom He has sent me. My voice is His voice. My acts are His acts. My doctrine is His doctrine. My commission is to do what He wants done. To say what He wants said. To be a living, modern witness, in word and in deed of the divinity of His great and marvelous latter day work. How great is my calling!"

... sounds about right. Think that about sums up what a missionary is. Or there is: "It doesn't matter where you serve, but WHY you serve" - Pres. Spencer W. Kimball. "Peace be unto you, my servant [Rebekah] for thine afflictions be but a small moment. An if thou endureth it well, it will be well with you" -God to Joseph Smith. Aren't latter day prophets the best?

    On Thursday, we did some yard work for service. I asked to borrow a rake and they said ' that rake would be too heavy for me' and gave me a different one... so I grabbed the heavier rake and started working my butt off. I have lived with too many boys for too long to accept something is too heavy for me. I also learned to use a drill and built our bunk bed in our new apartment. Don't tell me I can't do something! I am too stubborn and will just prove you wrong. I did get super sunburned though. It got into the 100s here and we were doing yard work for like 3 or 4 hours. And now I have my gnarly watch tan back... WHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, I gotta go, peace!

Con amor,
Hermana Rebekah Williams

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 8, 2015

Hello from Yakima!

     This week has been SSSOOO long!!! But this transfer has gone by super fast! On Saturday, we find out if we are being transferred which determines which mission we will be in! Our mission is splitting from the Kennewick mission to the Kennewick AND the Yakima missions! Pretty much no one wants to go to the Yakima mission haha. Obviously, I will go where the Lord sends me. This transfer has been very challenging, I'm not going to lie, but it is a good break from tracting all day everyday! 

      We finally went on exchanges this week! I love going on exchanges! I have been waiting all transfer to go! The opportunity to be companions with one of your leaders to learn, grow, and get advice. I have some pretty awesome sister training leaders! The one I was with was born in Mexico so I got to use mi espanol :) We also met a guy who only spoke Spanish so I finally had a Spanish lesson! It was also super cool. We were walking down the street and we see this lady so we went over to go talk to her. She said she met with missionaries before and she wasn't interested, didn't want anything to do with the Book of Mormon, just completely shutting us down. As she was going back inside her house, we asked her if she new anyone who could use a message of Jesus Christ. As she was pointing to her neighbor she said "We got in a fight with them the other day. They could use Jesus!" (It's funny how easily people push their neighbors under the bus) So she went inside and we went to knock on her neighbor's door. As we were standing there, the same lady comes back outside and says "Actually, can you do me a favor?... Can you pray for me? I have been praying for peace in my life and I know God sent you here to give me peace." (Its also funny how easily people come running when they need something.) So we prayed with her then she went on to say how the other day there was a swarm of bees that was only at her house, but she didn't feel panicked at all. She knew it was from God. Then every morning she wakes up with new scratches on her and she says their from Satan. So obviously, something is wrong in her life! Definitely going back. Exchanges are awesome though! They are always miracle-filled.

       Summer has officially started here! There was high school graduation, and it got up to 105 degrees... I felt like I was in the green Arizona (if that exists). I liked it though. Wasn't a fan of it being fast Sunday without a car though (we share a car). So walking everywhere without food or water in 105 degrees wasn't the highlight of my day, but I still enjoy the heat. :) Yes, I know I'm weird.

      For the first time like ever, I finished my email early! Nothing really all that amazing happened this week besides that. So since I have time to spare, I would like to share my testimony with all of you since it was fast Sunday yesterday!

      I know that this church is true. I would not be 900 miles away from home if I didn't. I am grateful for Joseph Smith and for everything that he endured for all of us so we can have the fullness of the everlasting gospel on the Earth. He translated the Book of Mormon using the power and authority of God and it is the word of God. Through Joseph Smith, the priesthood has been restored. The power and authority of God to act in His name for the salvation of his children and I am grateful for all the priesthood holders in the world. Christ is the literal Son of God and the Savior of the world.

       I love you all and have a great week!
Con Amor,
Hermana Rebekah Williams

Walla Walla Street in Yakima

Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 1, 2015

Hello from Yakima!

      Oh my gosh, this week has been NUTS!!! We had 2 baptisms on Saturday! Normally, the ward mission leader does a lot of the planning and such, but ours has his two sons' weddings within a month of each other and was needless to say, very preoccupied! So we pretty much planned both of them. It seemed like everyone and their mother was busy this weekend. So literally, the bare minimum people showed up. For Patty's, the guy who was suppose to baptize her was on call and couldn't make it because someone was like dying and the only people who showed up were us, the pianist, and a lady who was giving a talk. At the very last minute though, the 1st counselor showed up so he asked him to baptize her (he didn't have a change of clothes...) and then we saw two elders walk by and we were like "ELDERS!!!!!!!! WE NEED YOU!!!" So we had them witness. So literally... the bare minimum amount of people showed up... Sister K ended up giving the other talk. For Ron's baptism, same story, the bare minimum amount of people showed up. I gave a talk on baptism. He was the only baptism I have been to where the person being baptized pretended to be drowning! No one believed him though. Everyone knows what a goof he is! He is a 56 year old child. If you think I'm childish, you should meet Ron! Baptisms are awesome! :)

      Since next Sunday is fast Sunday, we are doing a mission-wide fast! Normally, we are not allowed to ask people at home to fast for a specific superpose, but, our mission president said to invite everyone (even people back at home) to fast for the thousands of people who are being prepared to receive the gospel. There really are thousands of people being prepared so that is why next Sunday, we all are going to fast for them!

        So that has pretty much been my week. Running around like a chicken with it's head cut off to pull off 2 baptisms! But, they worked out!... barely! This just proves that we are not in control whatsoever! Heavenly Father wants all of his children to return to Him and He WILL provide! All of His children are special and He loves them all very much. The more I read the scriptures, it just testifies to me more and more that God's church CANNOT be run by man! We sadly lost one of the 12 apostles this week. Keep L. Tom Perry's family in your prayers! I love you all and hope you all have a great week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Rebekah Williams

May 26, 2015

Hello from Yakima!

      This week has been REALLY LLLOOONNNGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My birthday was definitely one to remember... We were sitting in a lesson with a lady who is going to be baptized this Saturday, having a super good lesson, then out of nowhere, her cat bring me a present... a live mouse, drops it in the middle of the three of us, then runs away. Our investigator runs clear to other side of the room and wouldn't go anywhere near it. So we spent the next hour on a mouse hunt. The mouse somehow found it's way to be under the carpet behind the heater. That was... fun... Can't say I wouldn't do anything for our investigators! Happy birthday to me...

        On Thursday, we had Zone Conference! Those are always the best! Except we now have a new friend that stays in our car 24-7... his name is "Elder Tiwi". A Tiwi is a box-type thing that is stuck to the windshield of the car and it corrects you on your driving. It will go off if you are not wearing a seat belt, speeding, or driving aggressively...  It tells that mission office whenever it goes off and at the end of the transfer, you will be graded for your driving based on how many violations you get, and if it goes of for "aggressive driving", it immediately goes to the office and the vehicle coordinator calls you. And if you go too much over the speed limit, it calls the cops on you. BUT!!! The Tiwi has not gone off on me :) my zone leader says it goes off on him all the time haha.

       On a somewhat less scary note; we were in groups, doing a pretend teaching situation. In the middle of it, my mission president's wife comes and sits right next to me. Then during lunch, I was throwing away my trash and my mission president pats the empty seat next to him. So I go and sit next to him and this is our conversation: Him: "My wife tells me you did really good on that role play" me: "Thanks" him: "Are you comfortable teaching in English?" me: "Yes" him: "Do you find it easier to teach in English" me: "Yes" him: "Are you ready to go back to Spanish?" in my head "I was ready as soon as you took me out..." What I actually said: "Yes" him: "Are you willing to fully immerse in it?" me: "Yes" him: "Ok, I just wanted to congratulate you on your role play" Uh-huh... sure... So my mission president pretty much told me I'm leaving after this transfer. When lunch ended, he gets up and says, looking right at me: "I just got off the phone! We are getting a brand new sister next transfer who speaks fluent Spanish!" Don't do that to the poor child, President... Don't make her deal with me. That's not nice. So it will be interesting to see how this all works out! Apparently, unless I am in Walla Walla, I can't stay put. Goal to black-out the mission= back on! Well I love you tons! Have a fantabulous week!

Note from mom:  all of last week's schedule baptisms fell through.  One is scheduled for this coming Saturday.  Fingers crossed:)

May 18, 2015

Hello from Yakima!
    iFeliz Cumpleanos a mi! Its pretty awesome to have a birthday on P-day. Even better bday present: my cough is finally gone! 6 weeks!  We went to Red Robin for lunch and the other sisters forgot to make them sing to me so that was a good thing! And today is "The Washington Kennewick Wax Your Car Day!" as the vehicle coordinator calls it. So we have to wax our car by hand... I dont even know how to wax a car! Oh well, this will be an adventure...

       This week has been nuts! So originally, Ted's baptismal date is May 23rd. He might be going out of town though. He is going out of town to visit his grandkids and doesn't know when he is leaving and wont be back til mid-June. We started talking about a June date and out of nowhere Sister K goes "How about this Saturday?"... he has social anxiety... the look of fear on his face... He didn't say 'no' so we took it as a 'give him some time and space to take it in' (this was on Wednesday). Then he found out that when you are confirmed, you go up in sacrament meeting and everyone can see you... the look of terror on his face= priceless! He still never said straight up no so we told him to think and pray about it then we would follow up the next day... he ran away from us until Saturday so we took that as a no. Sister K said that wasn't from her and she had no idea where it came from so it had to be from God. He's still planning on baptism this Saturday unless he's out of town. So he got the panic attack out of his system. 

      Immediately after that, we met with Ron, who's original baptismal date was June 6th. We had his lesson at his home teacher's house who is going to baptize him. The home teacher said his daughter graduates high school on the 5th so they are going to be super busy. So we moved Ron's baptism to this Saturday, the 23rd. So possible 2 baptisms on Saturday? BEST. BIRTHDAY. PRESENT. EVER!!!!!!!

    Patty is still awesome. She called us randomly to say she had a cup of coffee and felt horrible so we scrummaged through her kitchen and took all of her coffee and tea. She didn't go to church because her granddaughter was spending the night and threw a fit for not wanting to go. She called us literally 5 minutes after church and said that she felt like "a piece of crap" (her words) and was never going to not go to church ever again unless she is on her death bed... she is so AWESOME!!! Her baptism is next Saturday :)
   Hope you have a great week! Love you all!