Tuesday, June 23, 2015

June 22, 2015


    So... as you've probably already guessed... I got emergency transferred... again... for the third time... Third time's a charm... right? Emergency transfer #3 and area #7! Whoo... Operation Black-Out The Mission is back on! I'm ok with this one though, because I'm back in Spanish and I'm back in the Walla Walla stake!! We go to the church in Walla Walla on p-days so I get to go back to Walla Walla every week!!! iMe encanta Walla Walla! So I'm ok with this emergency transfer :)

   So our bishop in Yakima kicked us out of his house a couple weeks ago because his sons were getting too old, so we didn't live in our area any more. We found out (by experience) that it takes an hour walk to get to our area. We usually shared a car, but on Wednesday morning (also transfer day) we got a random call from our mission president saying that one of the sisters we shared the car with was having knee problems and if she continues walking, she will have to go home 1 transfer early to get knee surgery... so we gave her the car full time. President keeps re-confirming my statement from a while ago that random calls from him are not usually a good thing... So we didn't have a car, period! (Another reason why I am ok with being emergency transferred this time...) So on Sunday, instead of walking for an hour to get to church all hot and sweaty, the bishop's wife gave us a ride to church. In hope she would catch on to what I was hinting at, I mentioned the fact that we didn't have a dinner that day... and she caught on :) So she invited us over for steak! At the end of dinner, she asked us if we needed a ride somewhere, so we went over to look at our planners. Sister K saw that we had a text from our mission president that said: "I am witnessing a miracle in the making! Call me when you get a chance." So we ran frantically to our bishop's deck to call him. He explained that one of the hermanas down in Milton Freewater has to go home for medical reasons and asked if I was ready and willing to 'fully immerse' myself in Spanish... DUH!!!!!! So here I am :) He said he wanted to correlate with our bishop and we were like"...we are literally at his house!" so he was a part of it too. Then he said to correlate with our ward mission leader and relief society president... who are married to each other and literally one street over. I am glad I'm on this side of the emergency transfer and not in Sister K's position... She isn't getting a new companion! She has to take sisters out with her all day, everyday from the ward to be her companion. That would be so hard! When I found out I was going back to Spanish, I got so excited I starting jumping up and down and dancing around my bishop's deck, then I realized I was being emergency transferred, then I started laughing, then I realized I was being emergency transferred back to the Walla Walla stake right before the mission split so I will be in the Kennewick mission like I was talking about a while ago,... then I started laughing even harder! Funny how these things work out... iHasta luego!

Con Amor,
Hermana Rebekah Williams

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