Monday, May 11, 2015

April 20, 2015

Hello from Walla Walla!
     Craziness! I hit my 9 month mark this week! Half way done! So for my "hump day" (meaning my half way mark, I'm 'over the hump'), we saw a camel! Don't ask me what a camel is doing in Washington, because I have no idea! But, it was cool! Her name is Izzy the Camel... and she is massive. Most sisters put a ball or something in their shirt to make them look pregnant and take pictures, but I saw a real camel! Still confused about all the weird and random animals that are here but oh well! It makes life more interesting!

    We also did service at the food bank! Its always fun! I get to use my Spanish there :) because some people who get food there don't speak English. The head guy has to start asking people what nationality they are. Once he was done, he over heard me speaking Spanish to someone then he was like " speak Spanish...?" me "...ya... you didn't know that?" him "no!" me "my name tag is in Spanish!" him "Well I could of utilized you a couple minutes ago!" So that might be my new new job when I go over there now... Oh well! Its still helping people and I will get to use my Spanish :)

      So I'm still coughing up a lung 24-7... On Monday night, we were walking down a street a we walked a member's home who was having a FHE group. A man comes out and invites us in, so we did. When I'm around members, I try not to cough, but sometimes I can't hold it in. So they all heard me cough as if I were dying, including my ward mission leader... We had dinner with some of them and so they gave me soup or something like that because they all thought I was super sick. I don't feel the slightest bit sick though! We had to call our district leader every night, so every night he hears my cough. He told me to call our mission president's wife, who told me to go to a doctor. The 1st counselor in our bishopric is a doctor, so we just went over to his house last night. He said I have an upper respiratory infection... So I get to go to his office on Wednesday so he can prescribe me some antibiotics... yay... I have had bad lungs for like ever so this doesn't really surprise me a whole lot.

    Chad came to church again! This time, it was intentional! Last week, he came to pick up his grandpa and wasn't planning on staying, so he had jean shorts and a jean jacket, this week, he had a white shirt and tie! Sherry is sick so she couldn't come :( but! Chad came to church all by himself! Since Sherry was sick, she had to cancel our appointment on Saturday. But Chad called us from his grandparents house to invite us over to his grandparents' house for lunch! (his grandparents are active members of our ward). Chad likes us :) When I first got here, he always left the room. Yay Chad!

    This week, I read about Rebekah in the Bible! It was super cool because, well, I'm named after her! She is talked about in my patriarchal blessing so it was cool to read more about her. I won't be as mischievous as her though...  She's a sneaky little thing! There really is such great power that comes from reading the scriptures and the words of the prophet. Before my mission, I just read them because I was suppose to, I'm not going to lie. But reading with real intent and meaning and IN FAITH makes all the difference in the world!
   Well, I gotta split, but I hope you all have a fantabulous week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Rebekah Williams

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