Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Week 1 (first week at the CCM)

Hola de Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!
No Mom, I did not forget to email you... my p-day is on Tuesdays.

What a week!!!!!!!!!! My companion is super awesome. Her name is Hermana Bittle from San Fran and she is a shorty too! She is also lactose intolerant... I think thats  Gods way of telling me to take the stupid pill. Any way, I live in a "casa" which is a house with 5 rooms and two sets of missionaries per room. The other set is Hermana Moody from Jacksonville Florida (no, she is not actually moody) and Hermana Allison from Austin Texas. (you are getting any punctuation because I cant figure out how). And they are all super nice, we all get along so well. Its weird living with girls though. They dont mind just walking around in their underwear. 
The food... not a fan. I dont even know what Im eating most of the time. Although one day we had corn dogs. It was the grossest, soggiest corn dog I have ever had. Im just glad I know what it was though!! BUT!!!! they have a Nutella bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, my diet has been dried FrutLoops, fruit, and Nutella. They dont have soda here!!!! Only juice. I have breakfast at 7:45, lunch at 12:45, and dinner at 6:15.
Wednesday... where to begin....?! I was the only missionary on the flight to Houston... so Ipretty much just slept. I had 10 minutes to get to my next flight at the aitport. I didnt have time to check in so they probably figured out that I was sweaty and out of breath that I was telling the truth when I said "I just got here". I founf another Hermana and an Elder but I didnt sit anywherre near them... so I slept again until it was time to fill out the paper work. I just followed everyone else to customs and such. I had noo idea where I was going. When we finally got to the CCM, my batch of 200 missionaries made 1000 in total here. They said this is the most amount of people they have ever had here. They made everyone see a doctor and they want the missionaries to get a tetnus shot every 5 years so I had to get another one. They did for free though, AND... they gave me a sucker :) so it all worked out ok.
Thursday-first full day. We have a 6:30 wake up call and an hour till we have to be in out classroom for study. So everyone gets 15 minutes in the bathroom to shower and get ready... its really hard. We have 12 people in our district. The Hermanas in my room, and 8 Elders. Oddly, Hermanas Bittle, Moody, and Allison are all going to Denver on their mission, and me and all the other Elders are going to Kennewick. We have a really pact schedule. A lot of workshops and such. But they all all really good and spiritual. I would tell you more about the classes but Im timed.
Friday we had out first investigator... all in spanish. Sometimes its a teacher sometimes its some random person off they street... so you never know. Ours is named Gabriell. We got him to come to church with us. The first lesson we SSSOOO bad! We literally had a spanish-english dictionary out the majority of the time. We have taught him everyday and every time it gets better.
SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh it was SSSOOO amazing!!! We have Relief Society first and it was so awesome! It was about feeling inadequate and the Psalm of Nephi. Then we had sacriment meeting. I had no idea what they were saying... but it was awesome!! I miss our sacrament bread... Then this one elder did a musical number and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever heard!!!!!!!!!! I think hymns sound prettier in spanish. They tell us to write a talk every week. Im assuming its for practice. Every Sunday we get a watch a movie! Its a church movie but hey! its a movie! And in english! Everyone here speaks english. Even the teachers. This Sunday we watched John Tanner and its so awesome! You should look up the Mormon Message called Lifting Burdens or something like that. Its really good and you should watch it :). I have literally felt the Spirit here more in one day than I do in a week!
I have not had a bug problem at all. Without nets and without spray. So maybe Jake is just a wimp. We pray SSSOOO much. 15-20 times a day (I counted) and we sing Hymnos like 5 times a day.
-Hermana Williams

email #2 (response to questions from her Daddy)
The language is fine. My companion knows like none. So Im the one teaching her (that just says how little she knows). How was Sunday without me? I was fine until Sunday then I got home sick. I keep thinking Im coming home after this... nope. but i miss you guys a lot and Fritz. Its like Im in the American bubble in Mexico. Everyone speaks english. Even the teachers. The Presidents were part of the 70 a while ago. I have more pictures but the emails cane barely hold any pictures. I should probably go. Cya!!!!!!!!!!!!

(the pic is of Rebekah and her companion, Hermana Bittle)

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