Thursday, July 17, 2014


Im alive and well! Extremly long day and its raining but I have made some friends! I met a girl who is in my same mission. All the Hermanas are the sweetest people ever. Some of the guys are annoying and obnoxious but that is expected. Jake was exaggerating about the key board... its not that weird. All the words I type have the red sqiggley thing saying its spelled wrong because Im American. Mexico City is like the spanish version of Brooklyn. Its kinda freaky. I love you all so much and I know me being here is for the better for all of us! LOVE YOU!!
-Hermana Williams (<-- :D)

P.S I had to get another tetnus shot :(. Even though the US rule is to get a new one every 10 years, the mission likes you to have one every 5 so I got stabbed again with a needle :P BUT!!! She gave me a sucker :)

-Hermana Williams

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