Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

iHola desde Milton Freewater!

    This week has gone by so fast! I feel like I just emailed! Well on Tuesday, we went on exchanges and I stayed in the area and the sister who came here with me didn't speak Spanish! SO it was pretty much up to me the majority of the time to teach in Spanish... so that was... fun... One time, we were sitting on this lady's lawn and out of nowhere this white guy pulls up and asks me to translate for him to the lady. He liked the colors of her house and wanted me to ask her the exact color and tints of the house so he can build his son's house those exact colors... how the heck am I suppose to know that kind of stuff? It was interesting haha exchanges are always amazing though! I love going on exchanges and learning from the sister trainer leader.

    A couple weeks ago we met a man named Carmelo and we had a super awesome lesson with him! He is recently divorced and sees the need for God more in his life. He said when he knows the Book of Mormon is true, he will be baptized, but wouldn't set a date. We went over to our next appointment, but he wasn't home. His son Eric was though! Eric is super cool as well! He is only 14, but loves Christ so much and always wants to learn more. We had a second lesson with him, taught him the restoration, and but him on date to be baptized on September 26th! We went back last night, but he wasn't home. His 16 year old brother, Ernesto, was! He was super solid too! We taught him about the Book of Mormon and put him on date to be baptized on the 26th as well! This family is so golden and prepared, they are just NEVER home at the same time! We will just baptize all of them on the 26th and they wont even know that the other members of the family are as well, haha.

     I have been thinking a lot lately about Christ's love. I grew up in the church, singing 'I'm a Child of God', but lately I have felt more and more of His love. I am so far away from perfect, it's ridiculous! And yet, He stills loves me. No idea why, but He does. He also loves the people in Milton Freewater and wants them to know that He loves them, and that's why He sent me. He loves every living thing and desires their salvation and return to Him, so He created the missionary program. I meet people who don't believe in life after death or even believe in God, and that just makes my heart break! That's just so sad! It's true, our finite minds cannot even fathom Christ's unconditional and infinite love for us. And I am so thankful for that!

  Hope you all have a fantabulous week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Rebekah Williams

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