Monday, September 29, 2014

P-Day #11

i Hola de East Wenatchee!
   Como estan? (not sure how to do the upside down question mark on an English keyboard) This week has been... interesting to say the least. In a good way! It's been rainy and cold some days this week and other days super hot.

    We had a District Meeting on Wednesday. I had to give a training on humility :P (because we all know I love being told what to do). Every Friday we have weekly planning. This is when we plan out our entire week. It usually takes a couple hours (the steps are in PMG) BUT now we learned a new way to do weekly planning. Except this way takes 6-7 hours... Let me rephrase that: Except this way takes SIX TO SEVEN HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It takes FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we have personal study from 8-9, companion study from 9-10, language study from 10-11, lunch from 11-12, Greeny training from 12-1, Weekly planning from 1-5, dinner from 5-6, plan some more from 6-8 or 9, but then we have to be back at the house at 9 to do daily planning... FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we might now even leave the house on Fridays.

 BUT!! probably the funniest/ awkwardest thing during my mission happened! Normally after a District or Zone meeting, we go out to get lunch then come back to eat it at the church. So we did that but my district leader and his companion were taking a while. Finally, we hear someone singing "Happy Birthday" so we turned around to see who it was. My district leader and his companion were singing while walking towards us and holding a lit birthday cake. We look around to see who's birthday it was, but no one knew. He gets to me and is still singing: "Happy Birthday Sister Williams-!" Me: "My birthday is in May..." so everyone busts up laughing hysterically and my district leader flips out. Every month, we get a mission newsletter and it has everyone's birthday in it who has a birthday in the next month. Apparently, there is another Sister Williams in the mission... so he thought it was my birthday and was being a good district leader and getting me a cake. Once everyone calmed down and we were having cake, Elder B goes "... so do you want your present?" so we start laughing again and he gives me a beer mug looking cup as a "birthday present". I felt so bad that he actually spent money on me but that was all on him. I have not said a word about any birthday. It was really awkward but it was really funny!
 Thursday... While we were running in the morning, we saw this guy walking so we stopped to talk to him. Turns out, he's a pastor. We talked about Christ for a little bit then we all went on our marry way. Later, we got a referral, so we went to go contact it, turns out... the pastor was the referral! He wasn't there at the time so we talked to his 30 year old son. He allowed us to set up an appointment with his family. He put our appointment hin his phone (which no one ever does. Appointments are more of a "if I'm home at this time, I'll let you in") so that way his entire family could be there for the lesson! Including the pastor... so en otra palabras... I have an appointment with a pastor and all 6 members of his family tonight... we this should be interesting!
 On Friday, we got to see the movie "Meet the Mormons"! It comes into select theaters on Oct. 10th so I got to see it early! It was so good! It was really funny and I highly recommend it for everyone when it comes out. Finally, an accurate movie about mormons! It is a documentary of 5 LDS members from all over the world and how they give back to their community. We had to have a 2 and a half hour car ride to Selah (pronounced C-la) to see it and two and a half hours back. So we got back at like 3. So needless to say, we did not finish our forever long weekly planning and did it as back-ups so we just finished it yesterday. 
  Saturday was a rollar coaster! We haven't been able to visit with Hector this week because he has been super busy with a yard sale, so when one of our appointments fell through, we went to visit him and say hi. One of his neighbors was there and started yelling at us because apparently, there was a 2 hour special on the news about Mormons selling drugs in Utah and that we went to say hi to Hector first and not her. She was saying "How can you say this is the Lord's church if some of you guys are selling drugs and you don't even say hi to me! How can you be the true church if this is happening in your church?!" but I don't really understand spanish so Hma. Kolste was all on her own. I had no idea what she was saying... I just knew she was mad. No idea about what but I knew she was mad. Hector called us on the phone and brought it up as well so his neighbor is probably telling him false stuff. 
So that was really hard, BUT then we went to the General Women's Conference and it was so good! Made me so pumped for conference next weekend! Utchdorf's was my favorite! So bold but still his funny self! Definitely needed and so uplifting!
   FAST SUNDAY......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SSSOOO HHHAAARRRDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Left with a headache again. No food+ no water+ in church where everyone is speaking spanish so I'm trying to understand it= headache! I was probably cranky again too. BUT the members who fed us gave us turkey, mashed potatoes, gravey, corn on the cobb, peaches, and homemade apple sauce! Best part= IT WASNT PIZZA!!!! (I have has pizza 8 times in the past 2 weeks... :P) so I was a happy camper after that! Hope all is well with you guys! Love you all and thanks for all your prayers and support!

-Hermana Rebekah Williams

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