Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Finally got some apple pie

i Hola de Washington!
   Such an interesting week! To be honest, I do not remember a thing that happened on Tuesday or Wednesday, BUT of what I do remember, it has been good. So Tuesday and Wednesday must of been pretty uneventful.
     Thursday: This entire transfer and some of the one before this one, Hma. K has had this weird thing where whenever she ate dinner, she felt like she was going to die. Her lungs hurt extremely bad and its hard for her to breathe. Plus, whatever she eats, it just goes right through her so at least she has lost some weight? She finally listened to me and decided she should probably go to the doctor. We got permission by the mission president's wife to go. Our first appointment of the day fell through so we decided that then would be a good time to go. I was waiting in the waiting room by myself waiting for her (it was so weird being alone) so I decided to talk to some of the people waiting... its so hard to do it by yourself. I already have a hard time starting one but it wasn't like I could ask how they were because they were at a doctor's office... so obviously they weren't doing that great. I was talking to one lady who has random sharp pains in her stomach and random violent vomiting so that was fun! That doctor didn't know so he sent us to one in Wenatchee. That one had more hispanics so I had to try to use my spanish by myself... pretty sure they laughed at me when I left. One kid didn't know where San Diego was... That doctor sent us back to the doctor we were originally at. I was in the waiting room for 2 HOURS!!! It was so weird being by myself for that long. First time being alone in public in 3 months! (has it really been 3 months?) That doctor didn't really know so he just gave her 2 inhalers. That's the same doctor office where one sister had to get her blood drawn for some reason and the lady had to ask where she put the needle. So I was in a doctor's waiting room for 4 hours in total by myself. 
     As usual, life is not being very nice for the B family. They got kicked out of the garage they live in yesterday and not do not have a place to live. We asked her on Thursday where they were going to stay and she said "probably under a bridge". We saw them yesterday and asked if they have a house yet, she said all 3 houses they were trying to get fell through and that they were living in their car. I feel so bad for this lady every time I see them!
   Friday... weekly planning...Apparently for 7 hours... Longest process ever invented! The prayer to start it is like 10 minutes in and of itself because you pray for each investigator by name and their needs. Very long and tedious process to plan out the entire week. Then we have Companionship Inventory which is when you say all the good stuff about your companion and their strengths, then your strengths as a companionship then how they can improve and how you can be more obedient and your goals for the week and blah blah blah (because we all know how much I LOVE talking about my feelings...). The assistants to the presidents made this lovely plan. 7...hours... BUT!! for dinner an old lady gave us apple pie! FINALLY!!!! And ice cream... which made my stomach feel like knives were going into my intestines. Apparently my pain was visible because the lady started to laugh and was like "brain freeze?" me: "...ya... brain freeze..." It was so painful. Stupid lactose intolerantness...
    Conference was amazing! All the speakers were so inspiring! Its so cool because this week I have been thinking a lot about the sacrament. I want to take it every week with more meaning and to gain a stronger testimony about the Atonement. Then so many of the talks were about those things! Saturday afternoon was my favorite! Also talked about families and centering them on the Gospel. Gave me stuff to think about wanting for my future family in like 5-10 years but hey! Its something to think about... when I get home. If anyone has not yet seen it, I highly recommend watching them!
    Met some pretty interesting people this week (as usual). Met another pastor and had a lesson with him on Saturday... and his entire hispanic sized family! Didn't really understand a whole lot of what he was saying because he was talking faster than most hispanics, but I could tell it was getting intense! Him and Hma. Kolste had like a Bible-off.  He was trying to convince us that God, Jesus, and the Holy Ghost are all one person. I brought up John 3:16-17 but they totally skipped over the "God... sent his Only Begotten Son" part. They were so closed minded that we didn't really get very far and ended up going to dinner an hour late. Yesterday, we met a guy that tried to tell us that Christ was not resurrected, his body was abducted by aliens... so that was interesting! We had a pretty interesting conversation and he said we can come back tomorrow so this should be interesting!
    Hope all is well with all y'all! I love you all so much thank you so much for all of your thoughts, prayers. love, and support! I pray for all of you guys everyday!
-Hermana Rebekah Williams

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