Monday, October 20, 2014

First Transfer!

Hello from Wenatchee! (I'll explain later)

     As usual, this week has been an adventure. And also as usual, I do not remember a thing that happened earlier this week. 
     On Wednesday, we had a Zone Meeting. President and Sister Ware as well as the assistants to the president drove up to East Wenatchee for training and interviews. Elders H and A (the assistants to the pres.)  Gave an awesome training on using the Book of Mormon more effectively in our teaching and using it in every lesson. So good!!! "The Book of Mormon is sacrifices made sacred" The Lord started preparing the BoM more than 2600 years ago just so we can have it today and learn from it. 2600 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!!!!! That is saying in and of itself how important it is! My favorite chapter this week is Mosiah chapter 2. Absolutely amazing! It talks about how we cant do anything by ourselves and praising the Lord for everything in our lives. Super good! After the training, we had interviews with President Ware. Apparently, he and Sister Ware have been thinking about for quite some time now about separating the STL's (sister training leaders). Having 2 STL's still but they will not be companions. But he didn't know who, when, or where. After interviewing both me and Hma. K, he decided to separate us. So I am now in Wenatchee  with Sister B, Englsih speaking. And since Hma. D is a Spanish speaking sister, she is now in East Wenatchee with Hma. K. So we just traded places. We are the guinea pigs for his little experiment of  separating the STL's so we will see how this works out. Of course now that I am finally getting a hold of Spanish, I get moved to be in an English area. Oh well! If it God's will then it will all work out for the better! Sis. Bledsoe has only been in the area for a week longer than me so we are pretty much doubled in again. Since she is a STL, she has been on exchanges like all week and pretty much has only been in the area for a day longer. So we don't know anyone or where anything is. We are ready to work hard and get those miracles!
      Since they had one more exchange, we switched on Friday before weekly planning. So after the training, we had a lesson with Salvador and Carmen. Cant remember if I already told y'all about them but if I haven't, long story short: we met them knocking. They take care of their grandkids and his mom who has cancer and Alzheimers. We had an awesome lesson with them and they said we can come back... so we did. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and they were very engaged in our message about the Resurrection. She stopped cooking to listen to us and he was telling the kids to shut up so he can hear better (which are both really big for hispanics). At the end, we asked them if they come to know for themselves if this is true, if they will "follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the proper authority of God"... and they said YES!!!!! So of course, once I get a hang of things and have 3 people on date to be baptized... I get ET'ed (emergency transferred) to an English area.
     We are pretty much doubled in and know absolutely nothing, we do a lot of knocking. We got 24 OYM's yesterday. English work is a lot different from Spanish work. White people just slam the door in your face. Hispanics are nice and listen to you, feed you carne asadas, then slam the door in your face. It's nice not being in sketchy trailer parks though. For the first time in 3 months... I was actually able to understand everything being said in church! It was pretty awesome!
     Sorry for the boring letter, but I'm a pretty boring person and not a whole lot has happened. Love y'all tons! and keep on truckin'!

-Hermana Rebekah Williams

(about Cover Photo:  I was wearing red and the name of the street was Red Delicious so I had to....)
Goodbye to Hma K
 Hello to Sister B
 The people I live with have a cockapoo!  Her name is Maggie and she reminds me so much of Fritz!

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