Monday, October 13, 2014

Good Week!

i Hola de East Wenatchee!
     This week has been AMAZING!!! For the first time like ever, I can remember things that happened earlier in the week!!! We had transfers this week (I'm staying) so the people who went home left on Monday to stay in the Mission Home over night and to go to the temple one last time. Hermana R was going home and was freaking out. She ended up forgetting her wallet here!!! I was emailing then I hear Hma. D (her old companion) scream and goes "SHE LEFT HER WALLET!!!!!!" and it had her temple recommend so it's not like someone could bring it up later because they went to the temple that day and her license was in there and all of her cards so she couldn't get on the plane. So a member  drove 2 hours to give her the wallet back (what a saint!) Turns out, she didn't even realized she forgot her wallet. Apparently, she's like addicted to Diet Coke too and forgot her massive Coke.
     Since Hma R left and transfers weren't until Wednesday so Hma. D didn't have a companion, she was with us on Monday evening-Wednesday morning. Tuesday was... interesting... We talked to this 22 year old kid, he was totally hitting on Hma. D! It was the most awkward OYM we have ever had! (Open Your Mouth which is whenever you randomly start talking to someone about the gospel) While we were talking to him, this super fat guy without a shirt on gets out of his car like 200 feet away and yells to us "No thank you! I dont believe in miracles!!"... but we weren't even talking to him. Then like 5 minutes later he yells again, holding a pack of water bottles "I got my holy water!!!" from like 200ft away. So ya, the other guy was totally hitting on her so we said we would send some Elders over (because the Elders were for the YSA ward... and he was creepy) and the first thing he says; "I don't want to talk to guys!" and he was asking us what we do if we see a cute guy and what her type was (super awk) so eventually, we left and walking past the fat guy. So we started to talk to him. He has a giant beer belly that hangs over his super short shorts with no shirt on and has tattoos of naked women on his arms and chest. His shorts say "Mexico" all around the waist band... even though he is super white... so that was fun. After we left him, we walked past this other guy. We didn't really talk to him so we creepily turned around and came up to him when he met us with his wife. Hma. D saw their dog and was like "I'm sorry but I HAVE to pet your dog because he is SSSOOO cute!" So we started talking to them and they are like the coolest people ever!!! They don't go to a certain church because they don't know which one was right (sound familiar?) and he was saying that his daughter had cancer when she was 3 but is now 5 and good as new. He prayed to God everyday, not to ask for her to get better but to thank him on her improvement. One day he prayed and said "Thank you for my daughter and her improvement. Thank you for the doctors and all they do for her. You may take her if you must but if you please let her stay here until she has finished her purpose here on Earth and let us enjoy her a little more, we would greatly appreciate it" then the next day she was cured!!! And one day he prayed while putting his hands on her head. He has no idea why he was but when he did he felt this warmth and power leaving his hands. He removed his hands and put them back on and felt the same warmth! We had a lesson with them on Wednesday and they are super cool! We got there but his wife wasn't home from work yet so he let us in (his mom was home) and gave us sopas and red velvet cake! They were counselling us on college and such after our missions. When we finally got to the lesson, the Spirit was so strong! They pretty much believe in what we do (minus JS, BoM, prophets, stuff like that). We taught the Book the Mormon and he said he would read it. I think that he really wants to know if its true. They speak fluent English so even better! We ended up being there for 2 and a half hours!! Their names are Lenny and Jessie C.
         On Wednesday, the new greenies came! So I'm not the newest one! Ok, I'm still a greenie, but I'm not as green as the others. Hma. G got a new greenie and she looked absolutely lost on SundayOn Thursday, I had a fat migraine (one of those ones where you feel like you're gonna hurl because it hurts so bad) so I didn't really do a whole lot. I woke up in the middle of the night with a throbbing headache and couldn't sleep very well. Then there's Friday. I went to Quincy to go to Doctrine of Christ class. Totally makes me want to be better! When I get home, I want God to be saying: "My servant [Rebekah], it is no more required at your hand to leave your family as in times past, for your offering is acceptable to me"(D&C 126:1) and I want to "bring honor to [you] all" (Mulan) (you didn't think I would change completely would you?) It was such a good class! Then we planned forever...
    On Friday around noon-ish, we got a call from the District Leader asking if I would give another training... but this is was for a Zone Meeting... on SATURDAY!!!!!!!!! I think I'm going to stop praying to help me love my companion. The first time I did, my companion woke up in the middle of the night hurling violently. This time, I give a training on loving your companion. What the heck? Anywhoo... I gave a crappy training but everyone was being super nice and saying it was so good and blah blah blah. But then we had a lesson and not being afraid to be bold or asking people to be baptized. We did a role play on asking people to be baptized during an OYM. It was super awkward... So later that day, we were knocking doors and ran into a man named Alejandro. He came outside and we taught him the Book of Mormon. We asked him if we can come by again later in the week... he said yes. We asked him to come to church... he said yes. We asked him to be baptized... he said yes! He also thinks our music is super pretty so he listens to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir every morning... who does that?! Alejandro Meta does!!
     Sunday was way cool too! Hma. K has been having a feeling about going by this one house for quite some time but she has just been brushing it off. Finally, at 8:30 last night, we went to the house. The lady is named Elba and is super cool! We starting talking about the Book of Mormon and asked her read 3 Ne. 11 and she was just like "lets do it now" so we went in and started to read it. She was super interested and wants to know more!
    We are going on exchanges again tomorrow (we do once a transfer) but this time, I am staying here and getting Sister B. I say Sister instead of Hermana because she is an english sister... and knows no spanish at all... So I'm on my own pretty much tomorrow! One lesson is with Hector but he speaks some English but we also have one with Alejandro who speaks no English! So I'm screwed...
     Hope all is well with y'all! Love you tons and keep being awesome!

-Hermana Rebekah Williams

about the cover photo: so, some trees ACTUALLY change color! Imagine that!

 Anyone want an apple?
 What is this liquidy stuff falling from the sky?

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