Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Temple trip!

iHola de East Wenatchee!

    What happened this week? I honestly do not remember anything before Wednesday! On Miercoles (Wednesday), we went to visit the B family. They are now getting kicked out of their garage! They have to be out by the end of the month! And if that wasn't enough, they got baptized in July, last Sunday (not a couple days ago but the one before that), Maria got called as the Relief Society president! Sunday's lesson was on temple sealings and family history... she is a new convert... how the heck is she suppose to know about temples?! So I offered to teach it since those are the two things I mainly did before I left. They also had me lead the music in Sunday School so in a way its like I never left! She also got a job working at WalMart... nights. From 10 pm to 7 am, then she has to be at the church at 9 on Sundays for meetings. She was on her last pair of contacts but she got a bunch of crap in them at work and had a major migraine so she went to church on Sunday, blind with a gnarley migraine. No medication works for her migraines because they all have something that counteracts her other meds, even over the counter so she's screwed!
    On Thursday we had exchanges. I was normal Wenatchee with Hma. Dixon (she's one of the sister training leaders). Best part is... SHE'S IN AN ENGLISH SPEAKING AREA!!!!!!!!!! So for the first time in 11 weeks... I knew exactly every single thing that was being said! We talked to a recovering meth addict. That was... interesting. She is originally from San Diego and I said that's where I'm from so she was saying that I'm from the hood and stuff. Then I said I'm from Carlsbad then she said "Oh... you're from the rich part of SD!" (everyone here thinks I'm this rich girl from SoCal). She also told us how she has a reputation around here and that no one will mess with her and told us where all the bad places are and drug deals. She also showed us how to stab someone. She has been shot, stabbed, and stabbed someone out of self defense (or so she says) and has been in prison before. BUT!!!!!! she has a true desire to change for her 8 year old daughter and wants to be baptized!!!!!!!! Why cant she be my investigator?!?!?!
     Friday was awesome though! Every other Friday our ward has an activity, so this week we invited every single person we taught during the week. Someone came! His name is Hector. We met him a couple weeks ago, by accident. We were trying to call another Hector in our phone but accidentally called him. Apparently, he was taught about a year ago but the sisters stopped teaching him and he didn't know why so we asked if we could start teaching him again and he said yes. He lost his wife about a year ago and is still moaning over her. Everyday after work, he drives around because he doesn't want to be in an empty house. We invited him to come to the activity and he came!!! He was talking and laughing with the other members and didn't even look out of place! After the activity, we gave him a church tour and our bishop came with us! We started in the chapel. He said he felt peace then we went over how the meetings go and discussed the sacrament. After that, we went into a classroom that has a picture of Jesus getting baptized. We talked about it for a while and Bishop talked as well and went into talking about prophets and General Conference. We asked him to be baptized but she said he doesn't feel ready but I totally think he is! We think he doesn't want to because his wife was baptized in a different church. We asked him to pray about it and come to church (since it was about temples) and he didn't go! It would of been so perfect if he did but he didn't :'(
    I went to the temple today!!!!!! We had to wake up at 4 in the morning to get to the stake center at 4:45 (a pair of sisters water got shut off so they came over to our place to get ready as well) then leave the church at 5 for a 2 and a half hour car ride to a 8 o'clock session. It was sssooo awesome! Definitely needed! I love going to the temple! I miss working in there :/. I miss the ocean too. The entire way there is by a the river. For lunch, we stopped by a Mexican place (go figure) and it totally reminded me of home! Its called Coasta Vida (the coast life) and had a bunch of pictures of the ocean and stuff. It looked just like SD!
    I have to give a training tomorrow on humility in a district meeting :P. BUT!! Then on Friday we get to watch "Meet the Mormons" (some church movie) then on Saturday there's the General Womans Conference! Oh ya! Did you here that in this General Conference, all of the speakers are going to speak in their native language?! Dad better brush up on his German for Dieter!
   Anywhoo... love you all lots! Thank you all for your love and support. Can't imagine my life without you guys!

-Hermana Rebekah Williams

new friend...........

Columbia River Temple Trip 9/23/14

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