Monday, September 8, 2014

Two Months Out

iHola de Wenatchee!
      Has it really been 2 months since I left? Holy crap! I love it here though. The days go by so fast. There are ares where it is green (the orchards) but most of it is pretty dead. Hermana K says this is her prettiest and greenest area and she has been out 14 months so from what I gather, my mission is pretty dead. I love the people! All the hispanics are super nice. They at least listen to what you have to say and if they aren't interested, they say they are too busy or something like that to put it nicely. Some of them invite you in right then and there and feed you too. The white people just slam the door in your face before you can finish saying the title of the church. To be honest, being here is making me not like white people as much because most of the white people are rude and the hispanics are always so nice. One day, we were tracting in a trailer park (it was screaming hispanics) and we knocked on this one door. A kid about 18 or 19 answered the door. We introduced ourselves Then he invited us in right then and there. The mom offered us tacos and how can you not accept?! We ended up teaching the first lesson. Well, Hma. K ended up teaching the first lesson (she talks a lot... and I still don't understand what they are saying) So I pretty much just sat there then Hma. K told me to do the first vision, so I recited it. Afterwards, they just sat there. The mom finally broke the silence "Wow... muy bonita" (Wow... so pretty/beautiful) Then Hma. K started talking again then told me to bare my testimony, so I did. Yet again... silence followed. This time, the dad broke the silence "Muy fuerte!" (not sure if I spelled it right but it means "really strong/powerful") then more silence then they (the Cervantes family) started talking about baptism! We didn't even bring it up! So hopefully, they're a keeper! Fingers crossed!
     We cover 2 english ward areas and the spanish ward that I serve in is the hispanics in those areas (so my area is HUGE!!!) and the 2 englsih wards take turns feeding us because the spanish ward to too poor. We haven't really been fed that much because school starts either this week or last week so everyone has been out of town so we either feed ourselves, or invite ourselves over to a member's house. On Saturday, we invited ourselves over to a member in the spanish ward's house (in advance) for dinner. She invited her son (Salvador) over for dinner too. We introduced ourselves to him and left it at that. Didn't say what we do our tried talking about the Gospel to him. But he started talking to us about what we do! He was asking about our religion and what makes us different and such. I mentioned that we have the Book of Mormon then he started asking about it so I took a blue copy of the spanish one out of my bag to show him. He took it and started reading it! Started with title page and just read it page by page during dinner. Occasionally asked questions but he was reading it a lot. Then he showed up to church yesterday! Sadly, he doesn't live in our area so we had to hand him off to another pair of missionaries :( 
        Yesterday was so hard! First off, it was fast Sunday so no food and water and second of all, church is in spanish! So I have no idea what's going on! I was probably pretty cranky and came out of church with a huge headache. For dinner, we were actually fed by a member that we did not have to force. We had pizza (she was white) and oh my gosh! I felt so much better! I had 4 slices haha. The lady kept apologizing that it wasn't very fancy but I'm just glad that 1.)we were being fed and 2.) I knew what it was. Looking back, I was not in a very good mood yesterday. I apologized to Hma. Kolste but she said she was the same way. Except she can understand spanish... unlike me.
      Friday and Saturday were hard. On Friday, we had our schedule booked with appointments back after back... no one was home. Same with Saturday. We went tracting a lot instead, still... no one home. We knock, then wait a minute or 2 then Hma. K knocks again. One thing she told me was "The first knock is for their salvation. The second is for ours." The people we were able to meet were super cool! I dont understand them so Hma. K usually tells me after we leave but we meet a lot of super cool people! We have this one recent convert family (B Family) who literally lives in a garage. They got kicked out of their home but the people living in it now are letting them rent the garage. They let their nephew barrow their car, but he said he hit something and the bottom of the car is all busted and everything under the hood is smooshed against the back and it wont work. So they walking 7 miles to the grocery store and back with a 9 and a 4 year old. She got gnarley migrains. The other meds she has to take counter-acts pills so she took coffee to take them away. Then she got baptized and that whole "Word of Wisdom" thing... so she cant drink coffee any more and just suffers with them all day and taking care of the kids while her husband works in the field (and you thought you had it bad). This woman amazes me!
      Hope all is well at home! Love y'all to bits! Your homework assignment is to read 3 Nephi 11. My favorite chapter as a missionary! Especially when teaching Lesson 3. (the Gospel of Christ)
-Hermana Rebekah Williams

(she ran out of time to send pictures this week)
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