Monday, December 29, 2014

Another transfer coming............

iHola de... Walla Walla?

      So as you've probably guessed... I'm getting transferred... again... to an English area... again... I wish I could have a "normal transfer"... I'm not sure what's that's like. So now this will be my 5th area... in 4 transfers... That's more than the average missionary has their entire mission! I just decided I'm going for a blackout at this point. Just go to every area in the mission (and at this rate... its totally possible). I'm going to be with SISTER B (I'm guessing I'm going English because she's a sister, not an hermana). I heard she's awesome so that's good!

    On Saturday, we were doing companion study, all 4 of us, when we get a text from our district leader saying that President Ware wants to have a special meeting for our district at 9 o'clock that night... long story short: if you heard a bunch of girls screaming at 9:30 Saturday morning... it came from Kennewick... So of course we were all freaking out that entire day. We got there a couple minutes early (wouldn't want to be late to a meeting with the President) and he was in a pre-meeting with the district and zone leaders. They were in a room for like 20 minutes (heard they were there like an hour prior as well)! Eventually, we were able to go in. And of course, he went on for like another 20 minutes about a story in the Book of Mormon, and I'm thinking "Oh my gosh... get on with it!" Eventually, we began. #1.) He wants us to double our keys of conversion ( people we talk to, the amount of lessons we teach, number of baptisms, and so forth) #2) He is making 2 all Spanish zones in Wenatchee (so sad I left!) and in Yakima. #3)He's splitting the area. Originally, there were 4 companionships who covered all the Spanish work in Kennewick. So he's splitting the area now. And Hna J and I are getting transferred and Hna M and O are going to be companions. So now we are back down to 3 companionships. So we all huddled around a table figuring out how to split it, and got home at 11:30 that night. So we have to hand off a bunch of investigators to the elders because they are no longer in our area. We already did weekly planning on Friday... so we had to pretty much redo those 6-7 hours it takes to weekly plan...

      Christmas was hard. Don't get me wrong, I loved talking to my family, but that hour was like 5 minutes, tears were shed, and I was not the most pleasant person after hanging up... Totally snapped at Elder W. In my defense though; he asked me straight up "Did you cry while Skyping?"... he totally deserved it. After the pity party, we made a zillion cookies and went caroling to all of our investigators and my mission president! (maybe that's why he's moving me. He finally got the hint that I cant sing worth crap) and gave them cookies.

     Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Stay safe on New Years! Oh shoot... I just remembered that transfers is on New Years Eve, and I have to be home by 6 because it is New Years Eve... Hello migraine! Any whoosie.. love you all!
-Hermana Rebekah Williams

(cover pic is of Midas, a dog at the local animal shelter where we volunteer.  I want him.
 The STLs that we live with and us
 Hma M's mom sent us matching PJs!
Awesome pic of the Columbia River temple that I took last week.

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