Monday, December 15, 2014

Moved to Kennewick!

This is her letter from 12/8.  Sorry I'm late:/

iHola de KENNEWICK!!!!
    So I got et-ed (emergency transferred)... otra vez! So I am now in Kennewick! The Lord really does like to move me! So now, this is my 4th area... in 3 transfers! I am still with Hna. M though. Went from the top of the mission, to towards the bottom.

    We got et-ed because our area was practically dead. Hna. M was there her entire mission so far (we came out together) and pretty much knocked all of the Hispanic areas (which was already super small). So we were just referral machines to the English elders. We had no investigators and we had one active family in our group; who is now moving. We sent about 10-15 referrals away a week so we were getting no where. We have both been telling President Ware about this. Last Tuesday, he called us and said that he wanted to move us somewhere where there was work to be done. He said he was going to make some phone calls and to call him back the next night. We did... and he didn't answer or call us back. We also texted him, no reply either.

     So last pday in our emails to President, we both brought up the fact that we called like he said we never heard back (we may or may not of said it that nicely). You can't tell us you might move us and never get back to us! So on Wednesday during studies, he finally called us back. He said he was prompted to call us (more like got called out) and we explained our situation more. He then said "Well then, we need to get you out of there!" he then said that he will make some phone calls then he will call us back. I'm sure no one can blame us for not thinking he was going to actually call us back... but he did! He said "Well, there are some sisters in Kennewick who have too much work to do. They have too many people wanting appointments that they can't fit all of them in, are you two willing to come over to help them out?" We said absolutely and asked when he would like us over there his response was "Can you come over tomorrow morning at 8?" D: Not like we had much of a heads up. So now we are here!

     Its a good thing we got moved though. First of all, we actually have work to do here! The sisters that we are now working with, have 8 people on date for baptism and had one Saturday! What the heck?! There are actually people here... and they're Hispanic! They have a 100 person Spanish branch that is trying to become a ward! They teach like 20 lessons a week! Which is like 3x the amount that we did! There are actually Hispanic investigators here! And they are coming to church! What they heck is this? We saw our mission president and his wife on Thursday. Their welcome to us was "Welcome to the Promise Land!" Ya, that about sums it up!

   Secondly, Ephrata is pretty sketchy... we knocked on doors with a picture of a gun pointed to you that said "If you shoot the problem, it goes away!" or "No trespassing! Violators will be shot, survivors will be shot again!" My companion was knocking on a street one night before I came, she had this feeling to leave so they did. Turns out, there was a murder that night on that exact street. She also got held hostage one time and was forced to watch an anti-Mormon video for 2 hours (you wonder why my emails were so short?). It's also fun talking to a guy who is holding a fat bag of weed in his hand (turns out, pot is legal in WA). So ya, I'm glad to be in Kennewick!
    So, I might not have Pday again until next Thursday. In Ephrata, temple Pday is the 18th and they already had theirs here. We are going to try and get permission to go to the temple (now that it is 5 minutes away instead of  and a half hours :D) on the 18th. So don't freak out if you don't hear anything on Monday.

   Love you all! Sorry, no pictures this week. I forgot but I will make up for it next time!

Con amor,
Hermana Rebekah Williams

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