Monday, December 15, 2014

Busy week! (and she's sounding more and more like a missionary:)

Hola de Kennewick!

        Crazy week! To help us learn the area, we have been switching and going on exchanges with the other hermanas. Can I just say that I am completely related to my dad? I got laughed at by some Hispanics this week for being white. One day, I was with Hna. O (who of which, is Hispanic) and we went to dinner at the T's. She made sopes, offered if I wanted a fork, I took the fork... ya... you're not suppose eat sopes with a fork... Hna. O laughed at me as well as Hna. T. Lesson learned: Sopes are to eaten with hands! How am I suppose to know? She offered me a fork! Then we went over to Brenda (member) and Azalia (nonmember)'s house. They were making temales for the Christmas party so we offered to help... got laughed at there too. Turns out, you're suppose to put the dough on the fat side of the corn leaf, not the small. White chick problems...

    But the days when I was with Hna O, I got to drive! Only the senor companion gets to drive (the one who has been out longer or in the area longer) and she is both, but she is from Mexico and doesn't have a license. So I got to drive for the first time in 5 months!

     While we were at Brenda's, her chickens somehow got out of their cage and ran into the neighbor's garage... So, I went chicken chasing... those things are so fast! And their beaks are hard... Another thing to check of the mission bucket list (not really)!

     One of the investigators the other hermanas are handing off to us is on date to be baptized on January 25th and Hna M met a 15 year old girl and put her on date for the 10th, so we have 2 on dates already! Its so exciting that we can actually do work here!

     So you know how I am not musically talented whatsoever? Well, this week, I got volunteered to sing at our mission Christmas devotional, a little kid's baptism and the branch Christmas party. Then my ward mission leader's wife volunteered all the missionaries to play "Joy to the World" with bells during sacrament meeting. The bells were especially awkward because when we were done, all the investigators in the chapel started clapping... 3 musical performances down, 1 more to go! I am not musically talented... at all! You'd think they would get the hint after the first performance...

       The Christmas mission devotional was so awesome (minus my singing)!!! So many wonderful musical talent (minus me) in this mission! So many wonderful things about the Savior and what he did for us!

       Hna J and I were in a lesson with Bernice a days ago. She has depression and is feeling very down and overwhelmed lately because she feels like she can't do anything right, especially around Christmas time. Hna J is the kind of missionary that talks A LOT! Like, I have to fight to say something when I was with her. Eventually, I was able to talk. Not exactly sure what I was saying, but out of no where the words "If you're trying you're best, you are being perfect in God's eyes" No idea where that came from, but its true! God only asks us to do our best and repent. That's all He can ask for! He knows us. He knows our weaknesses and that we are human so we are going to mess up. That's why that's all He can ask for. God doesn't command us to do something that we physically cannot achieve.

     I have not used the Bible Dictionary until my mission. No idea why, it is the best thing ever! I was reading under "prayer" and the last paragraph or two are absolutely amazing! It says it way better than I do, but it talks about how when we pray, we are acting for Jesus. God does not hear our prayers, unless they are how Jesus would and for things that He Himself would be asking for. That is why we close in the name of Christ. Many prayers go unheard because they are not done correctly. Like I said, the Bible Dictionary explains it a lot better than I do so y'all should check it out! Yet again, didn't have a whole lot of time to take pictures this week. I'll take a lot these next two weeks!

Con amor,
Hermana Rebekah Williams

(the cover pic is at the mission Christmas devotional, with a cutout of the mission President)

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