Monday, January 5, 2015

Walla Walla

Hello from Walla Walla!!

         You all know how "super excited" I am to be in an English area? Well it gets even better... I am in a walking area! And it finally started to snow here... Its ok though! I made a snow ball for the first time! I like the snow crunching underneath my boots :). Sister B2 thinks it's weird how amused I am by the snow (she's from Salt Lake). She said she turns around and I'm like 5 feet back making a snow ball, haha!. I also go out of my way to step in the snow piles. Its not a lot of snow yet, but I still have fun. There are also a lot of rivers a streams and such that we have to walk over a lot... that are like half frozen. Surprisingly enough... I haven't fallen yet! You know what's really funny though? I am from San Diego and have not been in snow since I was like 4, and have descent snow shoes. Sister B2 is from Salt Lake and has been in snow like a million times. Her boots are from GoodWill... needless to say... she destroyed those shoes within days and is now wearing flats. I think its fun :) Sister B2 is awesome though! She is very silly and goofy.

         We have a less active who just moved into our ward, but we don't have her records. We went over there because she is a member, her husband is not, and they thought their kids are old enough to decide for themselves. Their sons are Hunter (16) and Kale (14)... and they are super solid!!!!!! They are true, honest seekers of truth! They were both so happy when we gave them each a Book of Mormon. Hunter was like "Well I'm going to read and pray about this, then I'm going to have questions for you" umm... OK!!!!! They both want to know so bad and it's awesome!!!!!! Totally going to be baptized!!! (As long as I can stay the whole transfer... sheesh!)

      Sorry for the boring and short email, but that is basically what happened this week. It was awesome being able to understand what was being said in church though! Bishop G is awesome (everyone here has a weird last name, I swear!). And I had to be home by 6 on New Years so not really a whole lot happened then either. Then weekly planning : /. I am mainly excited about the snow though :D

      Hope all is well with everyone down South! Love you all and hope you have an amazing week!

-Hermana Rebekah Williams

me and my new companion.  Sister B2

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