Monday, January 12, 2015

Icy Walla Walla

Hello from Walla Walla!

        This place is... interesting... to say the least. Everyone I have met here is super weird. My ward is filled with old people and they all dress like they are in the 70's still. They all have a weird last names too. At Subway last week, we met a super white chick name Tshara. Although, I do think the Neuenschwanders in Wenatchee still take the lead (for weird names).

         I get so  tired by dinner! I guess, that's what being in a walking area does! But my area is huge! Like, my bishop lives 10 miles away... needless to say... we don't go to the bishop's house much. We walked by a dead, ran over dog yesterday with it's tongue out. It scared the crap out of Sis B. It was the most disturbing thing ever! Although, there are a lot of pretty rivers and streams and such. I like them when they are half frozen :) It rained, melted the snow, froze the snow, and now its just cold! It is all icy and such. I'm surprised I haven't fallen yet! We are trying to get out of the habit of stopping by a member's house and just suck it up.

       So remember those super awesome and solid new investigators I told you about... well... their dad apparently thought we were just going to go over to pray (which, why in the world would we do that?) and Hunter asked when we can come over for another lesson. His dad heard the work "lesson" and freaked out. And now, we are no longer anywhere near their house... :'( So Sis B and I drowned our sorrows in Baskin Robins ice cream in 30 degree weather. Ya gotta do whatcha gotta do!

         We have an investigator who has been an investigator for 2 years now. She can't get baptized as of right now because she is on medical pot... Pot is legal here so that makes it rather difficult. She has Fibromyalga (however you spell it) so she uses it for that. Sorry for the lame email again. My time is up and nothing really happening here. The area is really slow so we are doing a lot of finding! Hope all is well and I love you all!

-Hermana Rebekah Williams

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