Monday, January 19, 2015

Walla Walla is a little weird

Hello from Walla Walla!!

        This week has been... weird! I think Walla Walla is my favorite area though! Even though pretty much everyone here is weird but that makes it enjoyable! Everyone here dresses like they are in the 70's still with turtle necks, perms, and such but oh well! I love my bishop so much! He is so funny! He works at a retirement home and he was telling us about how he dresses up as an old lady and tries to see how long it takes his employees to notice haha. Oh Bishop G... We had dinner with the G's on Tuesday. We made them cupcakes :) We got a text a couple hours later from him that said: "Yum the cupcakes was sssooo good! I ate the whole thing! It tickled my taste buds and tummy because it was filled with so much love!! Also, Sister Williams, will you give a talk on Sunday?"... That sneaky man! Then we got another one the next morning that was like 5 pages long! I love that man!

       On Thursday we had exchanges! So I went to Oregon! AND!!!! I got to use some Spanish!!!!! Gas here is like the cheapest I have ever seen! In WA, it's like $2.30 and in OR its like $2.20... what the heck? Gas was like $4 when I left! But I was in Pendleton and it was like I was in the middle of nowhere! But hey! I'm happy I got to use some espanol! 

       Friday... Friday was an interesting day! It rained all day. So we walked in the rain... all day... Its ok though! We had an older couple come with us to a lesson (who, of course, was not home...) but they felt bad for how dripping wet we were so they took us to their house for some hot chocolate :) and then we had to go back out and walk forever... Brother S signed up to feed us that day, but we couldn't come over because he is a single man and his daughter is only 15. So he met us at 7-11 to give us our dinner. He felt so bad! He was like "I'm going to call your mission president right now to ask permission to give you a ride home!" He didn't have his number or I totally believe he would! He bought us Panda Express so it was all good! It was actually kinda fun!

      Nothing like after you give a talk in church your less active comes up to you and says "Were you nervous? You seemed nervous!" and then at the very last second, the Gospel Principles teacher leaves so you have to teach the lesson and then afterwards he comes up to you again and says "You know we are all brothers and sisters right? So stop being nervous!" and then like 3 other people approach you! This is why I don't like giving talks in church... that and my talks always suck...

       Sunday was just weird! After church, we had a lesson with our returning less active... instead... he told us all his marital problems and how he cheated on his wife and blah blah blah blah... Nothing like counseling a 31 year old man on marriage advice... then in the middle of it,  K-Mart announced over the intercom that the Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl and then everyone started blasting off fire works and then everyone came outside blasting air horns, running around with no shirts on and their chest and faces painted, zipping down the streets and flags, and such. And NO ONE would talk to us! The couple who did... turns out, they are already members! Not even the homeless man would talk! But then after dinner... everyone left... It gets dark at like 4:30 so it was like pitch black and no one was home or on the streets. We both had a creepy feeling all night like we were being watched. We knew we were going to be ok and nothing bad would happen, but it just felt weird. Neither one of us was able to sleep last night so we are both exhausted/delusional. Its all good though! We know the Lord protects his missionaries! 

       I have been thinking a lot about the pre-earth life lately! So I read the Bible Dictionary about it (War in Heaven is SSSOOO cool!) and then I remembered something. Since we are all here on Earth, we all accepted God's plan for us. Even all those who are not making good choices still agreed. Yes, they still have their agency, but my job is to help them remember that they accepted it! They are all my brothers and sisters and it's my job to help them! Hope you all had a great week and your week is great! MAKE IT GREAT!!!

Con amor,
Hermana Rebekah Williams

This is the area map for the Walla Walla wards.  I am in the 1st Ward and our area is gigantic!

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