Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 23, 2015

Hello from... *drum roll*... WALLA WALLA!!!

       I get to stay here another transfer! Sister B is staying here too! I'm so happy! Our poor bishop... he cant get rid of us! The members here will be so tired of us after 6 more weeks... oh well! I'm glad I can stay in one place for the first time in like my entire mission! "For the first time in forever!"  Like the entire ward thinks the luau was because one of us was leaving so we through a party... and we are both staying! Proves them right! 

        On Friday, we volunteered at the Food Bank again. They were having a give away thing so we pushed carts of food to people's cars. I got to use mi espanol a couple of times! Some people didn't speak English so the guys who worked there used me as a translator. So that was pretty cool. It feel so good doing service for people! I love serving!

        Saturday was busy! I helped out at the stake Family History Fair for a couple hours then we had a lesson with Sherry! Yay Sherry! Our only like real investigator! We were walking down her street to our dinner on Wednesday who lives farther down on that street and her boyfriend Chad was outside and was like "Go talk to Sherry!" so we knocked on the door, no answer, so we went to dinner. On the way back, he was still there "Go talk to Sherry!" so we tried again, and she opened the door. She jut started venting to us! She feels like she is changing (gospel wise), but she is alone. She isn't clicking with Chad anymore, when she has been with him for 25 years and has kids with him. She didn't feel like she was good enough. I shared Moroni 10:32 with her, and she just started crying. Hopefully that what she needed. On Saturday, we stopped by again with a member and showed the Restoration DVD to her and a miracle happened! Chad sat in on the entire video! Chad always runs away whenever we come over! He went to drop off his son at drivers school and said "Wait till I get back!" Don't know if he was serious or not, but we waited. When he came back, he prayed with us! Talk about the Lord softening hearts!

        It's officially Spring! Yay!! Which means General Conference is in 2 weeks!! And Easter!!!! I love Easter!!!! The time of year when we celebrate what our Savior has done for us! What He had to go through so we can return home to be with our Father again. The fact that He died so we could live again. There is a Mormon Message called "Missionary Work and the Atonement". I don't know where they found the video, but if you can find it, I would highly recommend watching it! Especially if you have a missionary out! A truly touching video that depicts what He did for us and why missionaries do what we do. Nothing can even come close to what He did and nothing can come close to repaying Him. A year and a half is a small price to pay to help other comes unto Him as a representative of Him. I gotta go, but I love you all and hope you have a fantabulous week!

Con amor,
Hermana Rebekah Williams :)

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