Thursday, March 12, 2015

March 2, 2015

Hello from Walla Walla!

    I hope everyone had a good week! Mine has been rough and no one ever listens, but hey that's mission life! What else is new? All I gotta do is keep plugging along, keep knocking doors, and keep a positive attitude! (Which is a lot easier said than done!) I feel like once someone finds the secret to being positive all the time, even in difficult times, they have the faith sufficient to make their positive attitude become their reality. Just trying to find the secret and faith (which is one in the same sometimes) to do that!

     On the plus side, we got a new investigator this week! :D Her name is Whitney. She has had Fibromyalgia (however you spell it) like her entire life pretty much. So she is in major pain everywhere 24/7. We were talking to her about the pain she is always in and she's already had a lot of surgeries and she's only 28. There is never a day when she is not in excruciating pain everywhere. She sat in on a lesson once when her friend was investigating. I asked her if she has ever heard of the priesthood, she said no. So I talked about how it is the authority to act in the name of God and the authority to perform miracles. It is the authority that Christ has and gave to his apostles and worthy men in our church hold that authority. Then I asked her if she would like a priesthood blessing. She said she is willing to try anything to lessen the pain so tonight we are bringing 2 priesthood holders over to give her blessing! Fingers crossed all goes well!

    We had exchanges again on Tuesday! I went to Pendleton again. In Pendleton, the sisters there teach both English and Spanish so I got to teach a lesson in Spanish! I stuttered every other word but hey! what else is new? I'm just happy I got to use Spanish! Baptismal invite, referral, lesson, everything! We had lessons, people actually listened to us, there are always miracles on exchanges... then I came back to Walla... then everything went back to normal. Where like 99% of people wont give us the time of day. Oh well, we got Whitney!

     Then there was Thursday... ino me gusta! iFue dificil! We walked over to Dan's house. We were unable to meet with him the week before so we stopped by to set up a return appointment,  then he dropped us! "I'm just not interested in learning more about Mormonism any more" iiimi corazon!!! We were both on the verge of tears! It crushed us! If Baskin Robins wasn't on the other side of town and it wasn't a forever away walk, we would of totally went there! So then we did what we do all day everyday... knock! And of course no one was home or listened to us since it was 1:00 in the afternoon. We were devastated so we texted Sister G, haha. Her texts always make us happy. Her response was "Back at 'cha sisters!"... that didn't help! All of our appointments cancelled (even with an active family!) so ya. Thursday wasn't very fun.
      Hope everyone has a fantabulous week! Love you all!
-Hermana Rebekah Williams

Cover Photo:  Welcome to Walla Walla
Saw this while knocking doors.  I like it....

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