Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Feb 23, 2015

Hello from Walla Walla!

    Its official! This is the longest I have stayed in an area! 8 weeks! I even saw and spoke to my mission president this week and he didn't emergency transfer me! Sad, but true. I'm glad though! This is my favorite area! I just love the people so much! Even if it is in English... I would be perfectly fine with finishing my mission here! Probably not going to happen since I still have 11 months left... but I want to stay!!

     This week has been good. On Thursday, we volunteered at the Food Bank! I love volunteering over there. They were having a give away so we helped people bring the food to their cars and such. It's so cool to see how grateful they were! I like the less fortunate because they are usually more humbled and more open. It made me feel so good :). THEN!!!!! we had dinner with me bishop and his family, that's always awesome! It gets even better!!!!! There's a man in our ward for a couple weeks while he's here for work, and he's from El Salvador! So our bishop invited him over for dinner! He was late and he showed up with Hermano M and said "Sister Williams, we invited Brother M just for you!" He speaks English since he went to Roseville, California on his mission, but still :) it made me happy. And dinner with the Gs is ALWAYS amazing :)

      On Friday we had a Zone Conference! It was with my zone, Hermiston, and Kennewick! There were A LOT of people! President and Sister Ware were there giving trainings and such. I just love them so much!!!!! President is so funny and a spiritual giant. Definitely a visionary man. He was talking about life and why it has to be hard, "do smooth seas make good sailors?" and we had taco soup for lunch and pie and ice cream for dessert and it was so awesome! I love President Ware :) I talked to him, and he didn't even emergency transfer me! We got out in just enough time to go to dinner then we tracted from 6-9.

     We met a lady named Sandy on Monday and she is super cool! We were originally talking to her boyfriend and he was about to close the door in our faces then she come running behind him and was like "Wait! I have a question!" Then she asked when and where our church was! She said she went to Relief Society in Pasco and really liked it and she wants to get into our church! Her boyfriend is 7th Day Adventist so he doesn't like us. He told her she couldn't meet with us so she had to cancel our appointment. BUT!!! on Saturday, she asked us to put a Book of Mormon in her mail box so she can get while he cooks dinner and she wants to meet us at like the senior center so he wont know! So she is super solid and actually wants to learn! But she's moving!!! In like a week!! What the heck?! We finally found someone who wants to know and she's moving to 2nd ward! Although, that is an elder area so maybe they will still let us teach her :)

        Like 3 weeks ago, we met a lady named JoBeth. She is Christian Scientist but very open to other religions. Her dad was a "Jack Mormon" so she is familiar with what we believe. We talked to her about our church and such and we were about to invite her but then she went inside and said "Well, see you at church!" then closed the door. She hasn't showed up... until yesterday!! Out of nowhere she showed up!!! Miracle!!!! She said she thought it was interesting. She didn't know it was 3 hours so she had to leave after sacrament meeting, but hey! I'm just happy she came!!!

 Hope all is well with y'all down south. Love you all!

-Hermana Rebekah Williams

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