Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A new investigator!

Hello from Walla Walla!

        Another crazy week! On Tuesday we saw Dan! Yay Dan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's the one who said he would be baptized but wouldn't accept a date yet from last week. His wife died a little over a year ago and he misses her dearly still. We started to talk about the Plan of Salvation. When we started talking about families being together after this life, he started crying!!! His family means everything to him so being able to live with his wife para siempre, overwhelmed him! I love Dan :D! He had difficulty believing Christ created the Earth and not God though... but if that is the biggest concern he has, I'll take it! He couldn't read the BoM because the print is too small so we ordered him a big print so we are still waiting for that. We tried to pull it up on his computer, but his monitor is super old (its one of the big fat ones) and it wouldn't pop up.

      On Wednesday, our bishop was going to come with us to see this less active lady who is manic depressive, but something else popped up that was more important for him to deal with so he couldn't come. He is honestly the busiest man I know! He said he also hit a mental wall himself and didn't think he had it in him to go with us. So we told him it was perfectly ok for him not to come. We had to go to the church because the less active asked us to bring her a tithing slip. We had the idea to put a bunch of sticky notes on his door! :) So we did. We got a text a couple hours later from him saying how much he appreciated it :). His wife told us yesterday that it made his whole week and it gave him the strength to push through :) I love Bishop G so much! We are going to his house for dinner tomorrow so I'm excited!

     Thursday was awesome!!!!!! We were knocking a street and had the impression to knock a door that was facing the opposite direction, but we did anyway. This big hispanic guy comes outside with a shaved head and tattoos; tattoo of a tear drop and all. His name is Jose! He speaks English so we can continue to teach him. He is super cool though! He is new to the area and is looking for a church to go to. Missionaries always bump into him all the time and give him a pass along card and he doesn't know why he always bumps into them. Its a sign! He ASKED us to come back! So we met him again on Saturday. He use to play basketball at our church with some other guys in the stake and asked if they still did that. AND apparently, when he was little, he went to our church with his friend and that family is still in our ward! He remembers going to primary a little! When we pulled out a Book of Mormon, he said he already had one! He said he was having a bad day and was walking down the street when a guy, dressed up as Jesus, and told him he needs Christ and gave him a triple! We read some of the intro with him and committed him to baptism! February 28th!!!! He was super excited to go to church and the Elders Quorum President came to his house and personally invited him to come play basketball with them and offered a ride! He was really looking forward to church, but then that night, he had a stroke-type episode! And he's only 35-ish! So he was in the hospitial :( we are going to see how he's doing and possibly have someone give him a blessing. 

      Later that night, we were walking home. We see a giant cloud of smoke. We thought it was too far to be from our apartments, but as we came closer, we realized it very well could be! We booked it home to find out, it was the house behind us! Smoke everywhere! We asked our District leader if we can spend the night at the other sisters' since we can smell smoke and it was right behind us, but he said no. She that was a fun adventure! 

     We dressed up in Sea Hawk colors at church to hopefully get the members to like us, but hardly anyone noticed... since the Super Bowl started at 3:30, we were in by 3! And we have to wait for the other sisters to get out of church since they are our ride home, so our church started at 8:30 since there are 4 wards in our building and their church gets out at 1:30, so we get home at 2, lunch until 3 and then we have to stay home after that for safety reasons! Crazy! That is just sad how much people worship worldly things these days!
   Had my first experience with black ice this morning... We ran out of quarters for our laundry so this morning, we ran to 7-11 to get some change as our work out. The street was all black ice! That was fun to run on... NOT!!!! Well I love you all! Thank you so much for all your love and support! Have a good week and remember Christ always! 

Con amor,
Hermana Rebekah Williams

my district

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