Saturday, February 21, 2015

Feb 9, 2015

Hello from...?

     So... transfer calls came... and guess who is getting transferred... not me!!!! Haha! Tricked ya!!! It's a record! A sad record... nevertheless, it is still a record! If I can last 2 more weeks here, that will be the longest I have stayed in an area! Which is really sad haha. I love it here though! It makes Carlsbad look like New York. 

      On Monday we went over to Melissa's (our eterna-gator who is on medical pot) house. She didn't go to church because she wouldn't miss the Super Bowl for a second (even though church is at 8:30...). She said that she wanted to drink a beer after watching the Super Bowl, but she restrained herself against it. We asked why she had beer in her fridge. She said in case she wants a beer... but she sad she doesn't drink them...? So we poured her beer down her kitchen sink! So I have officially opened my first beer... on my mission... she wasn't too happy but hey! now the temptation is gone!

       On Tuesday we had dinner at our bishop's house! :D I love Bishop G!!!! He came home from work in his normal clothes... he dresses like he's a cowboy! He dresses really funny haha. He comes in and sees that we were already over and runs to his room and says "I need to change into my Batman suit!" Oh my gosh I love him so much! I drew him a picture of the temple and gave it to him and he goes "Are these doors? Or eyes staring into my soul?" Then he asked what temple it was... it was the one here! Then he goes "Wow! Maybe this is a a talent that you didn't know you had!"... thanks for calling it amateur Bishop... Its ok though! I forgive him! I saw it hanging in his office yesterday during ward council :). Then he left to go to a meeting then his wife goes off for like 20 minutes giving us marital advice!

     Well that's all the time I have today but I love you all and have a good week! Sorry for the short letter!

-Hermana Rebekah Williams

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