Thursday, March 26, 2015

March 16, 2015

Aloha desde Walla Walla!

     Such a good week! As usual, I don't remember Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, but Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were good!

      On Thursday, we were knocking some doors (as usual). We were knocking from noon to about 4:30. As you can imagine, no one was home! It was about 4 o'clock and pretty much no has opened the door yet. We decided to go another apartment complex. We knocked the entire first building, with literally no doors opened. My companion said to go somewhere else. I said we should stay in the area because that is what we had planned and its going to be the same everywhere we go. So we went to the next building. No joke, the first door we knocked on opened! Her name was Isabel. We introduced ourselves and started talking and she just looked confused and finally said "I no speak English" then my companion asked if she spoke Spanish and she said "Si" and my jaw about hit the floor! I got so excited! So I went into the Restoration and she was just soaking it in! I got to do the first vision in Spanish!!! I haven't done that in months! She was just taking it in the entire time! But sadly, we have to hand her over to the missionaries over the Spanish branch :'(. That made me so sad! But I got to teach the Restoration all by myself in Spanish for the first time like ever!!! That made like my entire life!!

       We went to the Food Bank that day and sorted moldy oranges... it was gross!

      On Friday, we had a ward luau!!! Sister B and I wanted a ward party because church intimidates people so parties are less intimidating and we wanted people to get involved in the church... that and we just wanted to have a party! So we brought it up to the bishop like two weeks ago. We had everything planned out, we just needed his approval. He said to do it this week! It wasn't announced in church since last week was stake conference so we told like everyone on our phone and it got on the ward Facebook page. Just praying it would get around! And people came!!!!! The two investigators we have came and brought their families! A ton of less actives came too! I haven't seen the majority of them before! We had a less active who loves BBQ-ing do pulled pork sandwiches, and another less active who is Polynesian teach some of the men how to do the Haka (however you spell it) and his non-member wife came who is anti-Mormon! We got permission from our Zone Leaders to watch Johnny Lingo! It was the super old one! It was so much fun! I came dressed normal, then our Elders Quorum Leader gave us leis and the Relief Society president put a sarong on us as soon as we came in. We went to our bishop's house the night before to finalize everything, we felt bad though! We felt like we made a bunch of stress on him, so we bought him an ice cream cake :) that makes everything better! He showed us his Hawaiian shirt... his shirt... it's hard not to laugh! It was a super fun party though! 

      We are trying to have members more engaged in missionary work, so we have a goal of getting a member with us everyday. We don't really have investigators, so we took our member knocking the other night! He is a super good missionary! He is super bold, it gave us the goose bumps! He took over a lot, but he's super good, so we just let him take over! The key to getting people to teach is members!

        On Sunday, we were knocking, like always. We have been a bit discouraged lately since there are like 30 people on-date on zone with 10 companionships, and we have none... and we haven't had a new investigator in like 3 weeks where missionaries get about 2 or 3 a week... Our district leader calls us every night and on Saturday, he promised us, if we worked our hardest, we would find a family to teach the next day! Pretty lofty promise! Well on Sunday... we got a new investigator!!! Her name is Sarah and she has diagnosed breast cancer. We taught her the Restoration (in English :/) invited her to be baptized, and she said yes! She wouldn't accept a date though :/ she's catholic. We have a return appointment on Sunday though! We are super excited!!!! We have our fingers crossed so she cant fall through them this time!

    Well... I gotta go, but I love you all! Have a great week!
Con amor,
Hermana Rebekah Williams

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