Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Another baptism date/New Adventure

Hello from Wenatchee!

       Holy shnikies its cold!!! It dropped from like 50's to like 20's practically over night. When we go running in the morning, it's 15 degrees! This is the coldest temperature I have been in since I was like 4 (which is also the last time I was in snow). So ya, I look like a giant puff ball. It's ok though, now you can't tell how much weight I have gained! (besides in my face :/). I left my water bottle in the car over night and it is frozen solid. Its too cold to snow and the locals say it usually isn't this cold until January so it's only going to get colder!

     On Wednesday, I went on exchanges with some sisters in Malaga since Sis. B is a STL. (note in the pic above, I showed up for exchanges and found that I was twinsies with Sis. T)  We were knocking in some apartments and we knocked on this one guy's door. Apparently, he was expecting someone else... because he swung the door wide open, wearing only some extremely small and tight spandex... He immediately hid behind the door and said that it wasn't a very good time. Who was he expecting at 2 o'clock in the afternoon to wear that? I don't even want to know... Then we went over to talk to this one guy who was getting his mail. Pretty sure he was high. He gave us a hug and it was just over all extremely awkward...

     Are you ready for an awesome miracle? So there is a less active in my ward named Sister A. She has a friend named Anjea who was getting kicked out of her house because her husband died 3 years ago and then her boyfriend died about 3 months ago (both from liver failure) and could no longer afford her house, so we helped her move into her new boyfriend's apartment. Sis. A invited her to come to church last week, and she came! Turns out, he was baptized 8 years ago and stopped going to church after baptism. On Thursday, we got a mormon.org referral from Chad (the new boyfriend)! He went on to mormon.org and requested missionaries to be sent to his house because "some female missionaries helped [his] girlfriend move and now [he] is interested in coming back to church"! So we stopped by that night. He was as high as a kite, but Anjea seemed pretty interested. Within 5 minutes of being there, Sis. B got the prompting to leave, but he didn't want us to (luckily, I am as naive as they come). We made an appointment to come back Saturday night (no idea why we did that). We were running around like a chicken with i'ts head cut off to find a priesthood holder to come with us (because he was pretty creepy when he was high). We couldn't find one who was available because it was ward temple day, so we were just praying for protection all day. It was time for our lesson so we went over there. He was completely sober! We had a super cool lesson with both of them. Anjea completely understands prophets and the need for them. She is super cool. We showed them the 20 minute Restoration DVD and after asked her if she comes to know that these are true, if she will be baptized... she said YES! We put her on date to be baptized on Christmas Day! Chad has not prayed in over 6 months, we asked him to say the closing prayer. He said the most heart-filled prayer I have ever heard! Miracles happen from service! We have another appointment with them tonight.

    On Saturday night, we got transfer calls... I'm getting transferred... :/ to Ephrata. They are sending me back to los hispinos. They seem to like to move me around a lot. Probably because God knows I grow to love people easily. My new companion is going to be Hermana Mrozak from Washington DC. She came out with me so we are going to be greenie-busting each other. Of course, now that I have 2 people on date, I get transferred... again. I signed up to go where the Lord wants me to go so that's in Ephrata apparently.

    On this coming Friday, Elder Arnold from the 70 is coming here! He will be speaking at our Zone Conference so that's super cool! Never heard of him, but he is in the quorum of the 70 so that's awesome!

     This week, I was reading Hebrews 9 for a particular lesson. Its super good so you should all read it!  Hope all is well with everyone! Love you all!
-Hermana Rebekah Williams

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