Monday, November 10, 2014

1st Baptism date!

Hello from Wenatchee!

      It's crazy that transfers is next week! I find out on Saturday if I get transferred or not. I have a feeling I will and go back to the Spanish area though.
       On Wednesday we put Shawn on date to be baptized! Apparently, this ward has not had a baptism in over a year. He can't come to church until at least December because his work schedule is made out for the entire month and he works all day Sunday (like, he works 36 hours just over the weekend alone). He is working it out with his boss so he doesn't work on Sundays. Since he can't come to church for a while, he is on date for December 20th. Fingers crossed that it works out!

    On Thursday, Sister B had to go to a meeting in Tri Cities since she is an STL so I was in Cashmere for the day with Hermanas H and G. Hna. H is a greenie too, but this is still her first transfer. Hna. G has been out a transfer longer than me so we were all pretty new and didn't really know what we were doing. Hna. G is from Mexico originally but moved to Utah a couple years ago. We were deciding what to do for lunch and she goes:

"Hermana Williams, quiere los tacos de lengua?" 
Me: "Do I want a what?" 
Hna. G: "taco de lengua?" 
Me: "... Do I want tongue tacos?" 
Hna. G: "Si" 
Me: " not really." 
Hna. H: "It actually isn't that bad!" 
Me: "that sounds disgusting..." 

somehow, they talked me into having 2 tongue tacos. No idea what animal it was from but it surprisingly wasn't that bad. I probably wouldn't do it again over my free will, but it wasn't horrible. We also went to Leavenworth since they are spanish sisters and spanish areas usually cover about 4 cities. Leavenworth is pretty much mini Germany so it was hard finding hispanics... they were all German.

      I still feel like I'm going to hurl every time I eat something (the tongue tacos probably didn't help). So its good that I didn't go out much these past couple days. Friday, we had weekly planning so we didn't really leave. On Saturday is when I felt the worse. We did service like all day. My mission is starting this new thing called the "JustServe" program. Its where missionaries do up to 10 hours of service a week. There is a JustServe website, but we aren't allowed on it. So we have to find our own service opportunities. We helped Brother L's neighbor again with her yard (...and I may of broke his broom...), and our church needed to have seed put down for the winter so we did that, we volunteered at a senor center after their Winter raffle so we put down tables and such, AND we helped this one lady in my ward's friend move. BUT she ended up coming to church yesterday! We are hoping to start teaching her since she moved into our ward boundaries. Her husband died a month ago and her boyfriend died about 2 weeks ago both from liver failure.
   That about sums up my week. Hope all is well with you all!

-Hermana Rebekah Williams

our bedroom....

 Leavenworth (little German town)

this week's trio

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